‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 13 Review

*Spoilers for Tonight’s Episode of The Flash Below*

Tonight we got to see the first part of the two-episode Gorilla City story arc on The Flash, and it was executed very nicely. We see the future of Iris play into the episode a bit but putting that aside, the team’s trip to the home of Grodd was very exciting to see. Grodd is one of Barry’s most formidable foes, both physically and intellectually, and we got a good sense of this tonight.

Grodd’s plan to get Flash to Earth 2 was so complex and well-thought out that even Barry couldn’t see through to his true endgame. He captured Harry, got Barry and the team to come to the rescue and defeat Solovar, making him the leader of Gorilla City so that he could then use Cisco in order to go back to Central City on Earth 1 to exact his revenge for Barry having exiled him to Earth 2. It seemed a bit predictable that this would be Grodd’s plan when he was explaining to Barry that this was the plan of Solovar, being the reason Barry needed to help Grodd to defeat him. But apparently it wasn’t obvious enough for Barry to see through, because even though they were able to escape back to their home Earth before Grodd could use Cisco to open the breach, Grodd has somehow acquired Gypsy who will be the breach opener and allow next week’s Attack on Central City to make much headway with changing them. Perhaps the timeline is on a set course (a possible theory that has been stated on the show) and Iris will end up dying. For now, the team most likely believes they will have changed the “gorilla attack” headline because they are unaware that Grodd still has the capability to come back. When they do discover he is coming, I wonder how it will further affect their views on the possible future to come.

It also seems that Jesse will become a permanent part of the team now that she has decided to stay on Earth 1 to be with Wally. Maybe this will cause Harry to want to stay as well, as he probably doesn’t want to be without her. This would give the team some added physical and brain power, perhaps making them stronger as a unit to the point of being able to defeat Savitar? It’s too early to tell at this point but it can’t be ruled out, as the team could probably use the extra hands.

Finally, we got an Easter egg during the episode when Julian tells Barry he is coming along for the journey to Gorilla City, and his excuse for the police captain was that the two of them were going to be at a conference in Bludhaven for a few days. For those who don’t know, Bludhaven is the city of which Nightwing is the watchful protector. It is almost certain that we won’t see Dick Grayson appear on the show, but the name drop of the city alone was enough to excite fans (or at least me, anyway).

What do you guys think? Did you enjoy tonight’s episode? Are you excited for the continuation of the story to unfold next week? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!