Woody Harrelson Reveals His Role In ‘Han Solo’

It seems we can’t get enough details about upcoming Star Wars films now a days. Disney has done a fine job at keeping most things a secret and keeping tight on any leaks. But we do have the character Woody Harrelson will be playing in the upcoming Han Solo film.

While visiting The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon you bet he would get asked about Star Wars. It was when talking and discussing the film where Harrelson revealed he will be playing a new and original character named Beckett. Now, I call it “new and original” because the name has never come up before in the lore. However, there is no reason why they couldn’t just change the name of an already existing character. Harrelson revealed that his character Beckett will also be a criminal and a mentor type to Han Solo. This is also something we kind of already knew. So really we can now recognize Harrelson face as Breckett in the Star Wars universe.


Star Wars Celebration is in a few weeks so we are sure to find out more details officially and formally. Probably mainly about Star Wars: The Last Jedi but who knows. Maybe we will get some new images or new details regarding the Han Solo film.


Han Solo opens wide on May 25, 2018