Adam Cozad Reportedly Writing ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel

It’s no secret that Warner Brothers gave David Ayer the incredibly difficult task of writing Suicide Squad in only 6 weeks, a move that they will probably not be repeating if or when the sequel begins the development process.

Even though a Suicide Squad sequel has not officially been given a release date, The Wrap is reporting that The Legend of Tarzan screenwriter Adam Cozad will be writing the script. The report also states that David Ayer, who directed the first movie, will not be returning and that Warner Brothers is still talking to Mel Gibson to direct the movie.

Even though David Ayer was not a reason for the response to Suicide Squad, it’s great to hear that Warner Brothers is potentially bringing in some new talent to bring a fresh perspective to the sequel. Given Cozad’s track record, there is nothing to suggest that he is a bad choice to write Suicide Squad 2. There has been some speculation that the sequel could be R-Rated, and an R-Rated Suicide Squad 2 with Mel Gibson directing and Adam Cozad writing could certainly peak a lot of people’s interest.

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Source: The Wrap