Charlie Hunnam Won’t Play Green Arrow In The DCEU; Says He’s Never Heard Of The Character

The DC Extended Universe has only existed on screen since 2011, but with an older Batman that’s been operating in Gotham for 20 years and other heroes that’ve seemingly also been active, it’s highly likely that more heroes exist in this universe that are just waiting to be revealed. One character in particular that fans are eager to see stand alongside the likes of the Justice League is Green Arrow.

Before the release of Batman v Superman, a graphic showing the major companies in the DCEU was released alongside an “interview” Lex Luthor did with Wired, where it revealed the existence of not only Green Arrow’s alter ego Oliver Queen, but also Ted Kord (Blue Beetle) and Simon Stagg.

As usual, fans practically lost their collective minds, clamoring to find an actor who they thought would do a good job at bringing the Emerald Archer to life on the big screen, and one of the names thrown around was Charlie Hunnam (Son’s of Anarchy). The 36 year old actor was asked during an interview with Yahoo if he had seen any of the fan art that’s been floating around on the internet of him dressed up as Green Arrow in which he responded with the following.

“I didn’t grow up a comic book fan and I haven’t really seen any of those Marvel films or the Batman films. It’s just not really my taste. I must confess I don’t really know who the Green Arrow is. It’s not part of my vision for my career or what I aspire to.”

While his answer is disappointing to some, keep in mind that there are actually some great actors to choose from that might potentially be interested in the role. Travis Fimmel (Vikings) is one name that’s begun to pop up over the past few months. Couple that with the fact that Fimmel’s Vikings co-star Katherynn Winnick has expressed interest in playing Black Canary, we might have ourselves a pretty bad-ass power couple in the DC cinematic universe.

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