‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes’ Producer Dylan Clark To Work On ‘The Batman’

After hitting a few speed bumps here and there, The Batman is finally back on the right track and looking to start production early next year. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes helmer Matt Reeves has been brought on board to direct the highly anticipated DCEU flick and it now looks like his Apes producer, Dylan Clark will be joining him to work on the project. While this isn’t 100% confirmed yet, Variety reports that it definitely could be happening.

Over the past few months, rumors indicating that Ben Affleck might be done playing the Caped Crusader for good kept surfacing online. These allegations, to be completely honest, are entirely unfounded and should be met with skepticism. The Batman is in good hands and moving forward; and when it finally hits theaters, I’m sure we’ll all agree that the wait was worth it.

Earlier today, it was confirmed that a new Justice League trailer will be released this Saturday. To be notified the moment it drops, be sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram!