‘Deadpool 2’ Writers On The Traits A Cable Actor Needs To Have

We’ve known since the post-credits scene of last year’s Deadpool that the sequel’s villain would be the time-traveling mutant Cable – the merc with a mouth himself said so in perfect fourth wall-breaking manner. Since then, many rumors have surfaced about who would be cast as Cable, with Stranger Things star David Harbour now being the frontrunner.

Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, who also penned the sequel and are currently promoting Life, their latest project, recently spoke with Comicbook.com and revealed some of the traits an actor needs to have when it comes to properly portraying Cable:

“I think intimidating, scary, a great foil opposite the lunacy,” Reese said. “Someone with a great deadpan thing where they can react to someone who’s being crazy. Someone who also has a spark of a sense of humor. This person has to be funny because they’re buddying up with Ryan [Reynolds] and Deadpool so they just themselves to be funny but in a more serious way, if that makes sense. Physically imposing and able to emote. There’s real drama and real stakes. It’s a tough one.”

Wernick quickly chimed in, pointing out the plans Warner Bros. have for Cable in the X-Men universe:

“They’ve got ‘X-Force’ coming up. Cable is head of the X-Force so it’s someone who can also command a movie franchise. It’s a tall task and we have been on the hunt for a very long time. I think once it’s announced, as we get closer, people are gonna go crazy for it.”

While they did not reveal an exact time or date, the writer duo did tease a casting announcement coming “very soon.”

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