Finn Jones States It’ll Take A Couple Seasons For Iron Fist To Become A Superhero

Iron Fist has finally been released, and it’s the story of Danny Rand and how he returns to New York City where fights evil as the Iron Fist. To a lot of fan’s disappointment, he isn’t exactly the colorful green and yellow hero from the comics. According to Finn Jones himself, it’s going to take a couple of seasons for him to become that hero.

Who wants to see this?

“Danny has a long way to go before he earns the title of being a superhero,” Jones told “What we see in the first season, Danny isn’t a superhero yet. He hasn’t earned the right to attain that title. He has a lot of individual things he has to deal with before he can claim that identity.”

Danny is most definitely dealing with a lot personal issues ever since came back from New York City. It’s clear that he’s suffering from an identity crisis, especially since he’s both the heir to a billion dollar company and a martial arts warrior.

“I think throughout the series that Danny realizes the world isn’t just black and white. It’s gray and being okay with that grayness. It’s being okay with being a billionaire titan of industry and also being a Buddhist and a spiritual warrior,” Jones said. “You can be both things. The world isn’t black and white. Danny’s journey is about finding out the grayness of it.”

Danny will have to adjust to living in an modern day city after being away for so long, with everyone thinking he was dead. He comes to the city with old ragged clothes with no clothes on resembling a homeless person.

The first couple of episodes you see Danny kind of awkwardly fitting into suits. He’s not used to this. He’s in a suit and it doesn’t feel right. Then he’s in regular clothes and it still doesn’t feel right. He’s trying to find his identity. Eventually throughout the series he kind of claims some kind of identity through his clothes — but we’ve got a couple more seasons to go before we get to that point.”

It’s going to take awhole before Danny embraces the superhero title. It’s almost of the Oliver Queens story in Arrow. 

Iron Fist will return this year in The Defenders where he’ll team up with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Daredevil.

Source: TV Guide