‘Flash’ EP Aaron Helbing Discusses Savitar’s Plan For Barry

After last night’s episode, we’ve finally seen the end of the gorilla arc that has been teased all season and marketed for quite some time. We saw the end of Grodd at the hands of Solovar, with Barry continuing to show mercy to his enemies instead of killing them (albeit he really wanted to). It’s been a few episodes since Savitar has shown up on the show and fans are beginning to wonder about his disappearance.

We last saw Savitar being thrown into the Speed Force along with the Philosopher’s Stone after Barry threw it into the zone. For someone who claims to be the god of speed, Savitar is taking quite some time escaping from the Speed Force. Although he’s been gone for quite some time, his presence is definitely felt on the show. Week in and week out, Barry is doing everything in his power to change the headlines he saw when he was thrown into the future and witnessed Iris West being murdered by Savitar.

Was he really thrown into the future on accident as seen? Aaron Helbing, executive producer of the show, says no. According to Aaron, Savitar planned to throw Barry into that exact moment to witness Iris being murdered. Barry could’ve landed in any time and place across the timeline but Savitar manipulated the Speed Force to throw him into that fateful moment.

“I would say that Savitar has a plan,” Helbing hinted.  “Since Savitar was kind of tethered to the Philosopher’s Stone, he sent Barry to a time that he needed him to go to.”

We saw Savitar at the end of the last episode running towards Wally who was running to get a bite for his girlfriend, Earth 2’s Jesse Quick. Was it really Savitar though? The trailer for next week makes it seem like they were only visions. You can check out the trailer below and don’t forget to tune into The Drop for all the latest news on your favorite shows and movies!


Source: Comicbook.com