Gareth Edwards Admits Filming ‘Rogue One’ Darth Vader Scenes Was Intimidating

With the return of one of cinema’s greatest villains in Rogue One three months ago, fans are still raving about Darth Vader’s iconic scene in the film’s conclusion. While his final scene was one of the most impressive scenes Star Wars has released in regards to its action, specifically Darth Vader cutting through Rebel scum like they were made of paper, it was also the iconic villain’s most intimidating appearance to date as the Rebels screamed for help and mercy as they were either slain via lightsaber or thrown into the ceiling or walls with the force. While Vader was clearly presented in an intimidating fashion to the film’s viewers, he was apparently just as intimidating to interact with on the film’s set.

During a recent AMA on RedditRogue One director Gareth Edwards discussed the variety of emotions he felt on the film’s set alongside Darth Vader, saying:

“You kind of get nervous. Even though you know it’s an actor inside, once that helmet goes in, it’s DARTH! And as strange as it seems, it’s really hard to tell him what to do, no-one tells DARTH what to do. So you find you have to talk with the actor and figure it all out before the helmet goes on. Once he’s in character, Darth is in charge, and if you screw up the shot, he is not that forgiving.”

For many lifelong Star Wars fans, it would likely be difficult to not believe how intimidating it is to be so close to Darth Vader, actor in a costume or not. Considering Gareth Edwards is a die-hard Star Wars fan himself, there is no shame in the director feeling as if he is unable to be in charge of his own movie while alongside Vader, especially considering we all know how Vader deals with those who try to tell him what to do.

Although Edwards admits to altering his directing and writing style while in the intimidating presence of Darth Vader, it is still easy to say the final product was excellent. The only problem with Darth Vader’s scenes in Rogue One was that there were simply not enough of them.

Darth Vader can be seen mowing through Rebels when Rogue One is released on Digital HD on March 24th and Blu-Ray on April 4th.

Source: Comic Book