J.K. Simmons On Commissioner Gordon In ‘Justice League’

It’s hard to believe J.K. Simmons is playing a role in a comic book movie, and it’s not J. Jonah Jameson. He will however be playing another important character that’s associated with Batman, which is Commissioner James Gordon in Justice League. Simmons talked to ScreenCrush about his upcoming appearance in Justice League, and his hopes for the future.

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Simmons played J. Jonah in Spider-Man 1-3

“My part in the first film coming out this fall is very, very small. It’s a little introduction of the character. But whenever the next one gets off the ground, whether it’s The Batman movie or the Justice League sequel, and I know those things are getting shuffled around right now … we thought we might be getting to work pretty soon on The Batman, but we’ll see what the future brings. Hopefully that’ll be another comic-book character that I get to take two or three or four cracks at.”

Don’t expect a big role for Gordon in Justice League. It seems like he’s only going to make a cameo, which most likely has to do with Batman. It also looks like Simmons is unaware of the next time he’s going to be Gordon, whether it’s The Batman or Justice League 2. It’s clear that he’s fully ware of the production dates of these films getting moved around constantly. Hopefully it’s The Batman, because he’s a character that belongs in Gotham.

Simmons then commented on J. Jonah, and talked about if he’d ever do it again.

“The first part of that is never say never. But the second part is I think it’s probably unlikely. The incarnation I did was Sam Raimi’s version of that world. It was a great, great, great experience on every level — especially the first two movies. First of all, anytime Sam Raimi calls, I’m ready to jump and get involved again. This new version is not going to be his. “

Justice League releases November 17, 2017

Source: ScreenRush