James Gunn Comments On ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy 3’ Questions

Even though Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2 isn’t hitting theatres for another month, James Gunn, via twitter and Facebook live, is constantly flooded with questions about the third movie in the franchise. The fan questions aren’t surprising given the fantastic job that Gunn did on the first GOTG movie, but he wishes that fans would focus their attention more on the second movie, which is only a month away…

“People are obsessed about the third one and they haven’t even seen the second one yet! What if they all hate the second one? Then they’re not going to be so obsessed anymore. It’s all about what’s in the future; it’s never about what we have right now. I think if anything, this Guardians is about what they are in this moment – and I think that’s what it’s been like for me working on the movie. It really isn’t about thinking down the road and how can we make something great someday – it’s how can we make something great right now in this moment that will affect people’s lives for the better. That’s what Vol. 2 is.”

The fact that GOTG:V2 will not include any Avenger cameos, Infinity Stones or appearances from Thanos, underlines how the movie is more focused on the Guardians’ current situation instead of setting up their role in Avengers: Infinity War.

Gunn was then asked point blank if he was planning on directing the third film, to which he replied…

“Listen, we’re figuring it all out. We’ll know soon. Let me take a couple of breaths before I say what I’m going to do next.”

If the sequel goes as planned and turns out to be a huge critical and financial success, A LOT of fans will  want to see James Gunn return to helm the film. However, it also depends on whether Marvel wants James Gunn to come back and whether James Gunn himself wants to return. Gunn may have other projects he wishes to pursue and Marvel may want to go with a different director to bring a fresh perspective. If Gunn was announced tomorrow as the director of ‘Guardians 3’, fans would collectively sigh in relief, but Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2 is not far away, so lets focus all our efforts on it.

If you’re still thinking about asking Gunn whether or not he will be involved in ‘Guardians 3’, his answer will most likely involve him saying that we should stop asking him about the third film and that he hasn’t decided.

Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2 hits theatres May 5th 2017!

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Source: Fandango