James Mangold Discusses Where X-Universe Could Go After ‘Logan’

Though fans have been raving the past week about the masterpiece that is Logan, it raises questions about the future of the X-franchise. Being that the mentioned film is set in the year 2029, it leaves a window of 5 years open between itself and the “present day” we saw in Days of Future Past (which took place in 2024. Recently, Logan director James Mangold spoke with Empire Magazine about where he feels the studio could take the X-Men next.

“I gave them many escape valves. We take place in 2029, and X-Men Apocalypse ends in 2024. There’s five blank years there that are wide open to seeing how things got from here to there. Or else you could do what I would advocate, which is imagine a different world and create a new movie, and you don’t need the permission of the other movies.”

Mangold is most likely talking about DoFP when he says Apocalypse, as that movie takes place in the 80s. Fans, including myself, have been scratching our heads wondering where Fox would take the X-Men next, with somewhere during that 5-year span being a likely target. As Mangold stated, it would be cool to see the transition from what the world of mutants was like leading up to the events of Logan, though Wolverine would obviously not be present. The better route that the director also mentioned was going along the lines of what he did and make a film that stands apart from the main  trilogy formula that they’ve stuck to for so long. In trying to keep continuity, all that seems to be accomplished is more jumbling and confusion of the viewers. With the standalone films such as Deadpool and Logan being as successful as they are, maybe Fox will take this approach into more serious consideration. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on all things X-Men!

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Source: Heroic Hollywood