James Mangold Expresses Confidence In Matt Reeves For ‘The Batman’

Batman and the Wolverine are, no doubt, two characters that have produced some of the best comic book movies of all time – Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and James Mangold’s Logan. In the coming years, Warner Bros. will be releasing a Batman film (currently dubbed The Batman) that’s set in the DCEU, which will be the first live-action Batman film since The Dark Knight Rises – so the expectations are sky-high. Planet Of The Apes director Matt Reeves was recently tapped to helm the flick and in a recent Twitter exchange, Logan director James Mangold expressed his confidence in Reeves.

When asked if he would consider directing a Dark Knight Returns movie, Mangold said:

Now, obviously The Batman has been through a lot of trouble, but I side with Mangold. I have absolute faith in Matt Reeves and Ben Affleck and I’m convinced they’ll deliver an amazing film. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter / Instagram!

Logan is now playing in theaters. The Batman does not yet have a confirmed release date.