Lewis Tan Auditioned For The Lead Role In ‘Iron Fist’

Iron Fist has been a pretty controversial show for quite some time. With the casting of Danny Rand, to the reception from fans amd critics. One of the biggest debates was whether an Asian actor should’ve played Iron Fist. Lewis Tan, who had a fight scene with Finn Jones in episode 8 of the show, has come out and talked about how he auditioned for the main role.

Tan is also a stuntman

“I thought at least I had a shot — I’m half white and I do martial arts and I could easily play that role. So I was excited,” Tan said. “And then I read for Danny and they liked me a lot. I read again and again and again, and think was a long process, and it got to the point where they were talking about my availability and my dates. That’s always a good sign, you know? And then they went with Finn and they had me read for a villain part maybe two weeks later.”

It’s interesting that Tan was actually being seriously considered to play the part. Tan played Zhou Cheng, who fought Danny while drunk reminiscent of Jackie Chan’s style.

Tan also talked about how his experiences would have fit in perfectly with the show.

“I personally think it would have been a really interesting dynamic to see this Asian-American guy who’s not in touch with his Asian roots go and get in touch with them and discover this power,” Tan said. “I think that’s super interesting and we’ve never seen that. I think it would be really interesting to have that feeling of an outsider. There’s no more of an outsider than an Asian-American: We feel like outsiders in Asia and we feel like outsiders at home. That’s been really difficult — especially for me.”

He brings up valid points about being an Asian-American. It would’ve been very interesting to see the show from the perspective of Tan. He went on to talk about how he’s been perceived his whole life with his background.

“‘Well, I don’t know what to do with this guy.’ They’re like, ‘He’s not Asian, he’s not white… no.’ That’s what I’ve been dealing with my whole life. So I understand those frustrations of being an outsider. Like Danny’s character. I understand him very well.”

Tan would’ve been a good choice for Iron Fist, and his scene is one of the highlights of an underwhelming season. Though casting Tan wouldn’t have solved all of the shows major issues.

Source: Vulture