Lucasfilm’s Rumored Plans For The Future Of ‘Star Wars’ Revealed

Considering 2017 to be the 40th anniversary of the existence of Star Wars while the franchise continues to prosper with one new film a year, each making millions upon millions of dollars while being loved by the masses, there should be no doubt Lucasfilm continues to create Star Wars films following its last film currently slated for release in 2019. While no one doubts future Star Wars films past the conclusion of the sequel trilogy and the three scheduled anthology films, Lucasfilm has yet to release any information as to when the movies will be made or what they will be made about. However, recent information by Star Wars News Net revealed rumors as to what Lucasfilm is planning on doing with the future of the franchise following Episode IX in 2019.

The most important thing to remember while reading the material presenting in this article is that it will be a long time until any of this information is confirmed to be true or not and it is all currently rumored. Regardless, Star Wars News Net’s inside source with Lucasfilm claims the following information to be Lucasfilm’s plans for the future.

Three Potential Films Following 2019 – 

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi Film

The first supposed film to be made following 2019 is one many fans would likely not be opposed to- an Obi-Wan Kenobi standalone film.

“Kathleen Kennedy and the rest of Lucasfilm fully intend to make an Obi-Wan movie set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, with Ewan McGregor in tow.”

Fans have been yearning for an Obi-Wan film since the prequel trilogy’s conclusion, considering many felt Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan was one of the few positive aspects of the trilogy. Of the three projects rumored to be developed, this was apparently the one most spoken about. With the possibility of an Obi-Wan film in the (near?) future, a film which will likely receive a great amount of attention, a trustworthy director is needed. A possible director to take this task includes Gareth Edwards, who recently proved his worth with Rogue One.

“Rogue One’s Gareth Edwards could be returning to the director’s chair, as Kathleen Kennedy was happy with his work on that film.”

Following Edwards’ success with large-budget films including Godzilla and Rogue One, it is likely Edwards would prefer to take a break before returning to a galaxy far, far away, resulting in a 2020 release date for the Obi-Wan film to be perfect timing for both the franchise and Edwards.

However, one of the biggest bits of information regarding the Obi-Wan film is the source believes Lucasfilm will make the first announcement regarding the film in the next few weeks.

“An announcement of an Obi-Wan movie might just be one of the big surprises at Celebration Orlando. This possibility is supported by the existence of a few materials that were made in conjunction with the event.”

2. Boba Fett Film

While a highly-anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi film just may be in the works, Lucasfilm has not voided the possibility of the Boba Fett anthology film that was so heavily rumored. The film was originally set to be announced two years ago under the direction of Josh Trank, the project was delayed once Trank decided to dedicate his time  to smaller projects following the Fantastic Four fiasco. Regardless, the Boba Fett movie is not yet out of the picture.

“The project is basically going to use the same pitch that it would have had if Trank had directed it. A script was not even ready at the point where Trank would have talked about his movie at Celebration Anaheim, the project has received further development thanks to Kinberg’s efforts.”

Considering Boba Fett was given a brief origin in Attack of the Clones, it is likely fans would rather prefer a film of Boba Fett traveling the galaxy hunting for whichever dangerous gangster pays him the most. However, the rumor currently states the Boba Fett film will not be just a Boba Fett film, but rather a bounty hunter ensemble film.

“Rest assured, the Boba Fett movie is not dead. As far as I can tell, the movie will most likely not be an origin story. It’s not strictly a Boba Fett movie, but a film about an ensemble of bounty hunters on an adventure. It sounds as though Fett is just one important component to the movie as opposed to the central character.”

3. Young-Adult Romance Film(?)

The third and final standalone project that is rumored to currently be under discussion at Lucasfilm is one that has yet to be revealed to the public. This may displease many Star Wars fans as it appears to be a project which would appeal more directly to the younger viewers, or even dare I say the majority of female viewers.

“This Star Wars project is going to target the young-adult audience and have slight romantic themes to it. Said story is a tragedy…the “love story” angle has more in common with Han & Leia’s romance in The Empire Strikes Back than anything else.”

Considering this rumor to never be mentioned before, it is important to take this information with a grain of salt for those who may already be upset or worried over this. Regardless, this project would be an excellent opportunity for Kathleen Kennedy to place a women in the director’s chair of a Star Wars film, something she has been discussing doing for some time now.

Although the concept of a drama/romance-centered Star Wars film may be a strange concept to some, one of the best novels in the new Star Wars canon, Lost Stars, Although Lost Stars takes the young-adult narrative that was previously discussed, the Lucasfilm source clarified:

“It doesn’t sound like this is going to be an adaptation of that book.”

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The Future of Star Wars – 

While Lucasfilm is currently on year three of pushing out a new Star Wars film once a year until after Episode IX in 2019, the future is unknown in regards to when the more films will be made following the end of their current schedule. Unfortunately for many fans who love one film a year, it is reported the franchise will take a break following the conclusion of Episode IX.

 “There seems to be a plan for a hiatus on Star Wars movies – a plan that will happen after a few years after the end of the Sequel Trilogy.”

Although this may not be what many fans want to hear as the past two years have been excellent with what will undoubtedly be a great next three years worth of Star Wars films, there are reportedly two reasons for the franchise’s hiatus.

  1. “Star Wars on television is going to become a big focus over the next few years. The new series might be more in-tune with the existing story arcs of the Star Wars saga instead of “filling in gaps” like The Clone Wars and Rebels have.”

While animated television shows like The Clone Wars and Rebels have served to fill years of unknown space that previously existed between films, it appears future Star Wars television shows will be independent stories that can exist without the films. While many fans have voiced their opinions for films to take this same method, specifically the possibility for a Knights of the Old Republic story for either a film or television series, an independent series could be very beneficial to the franchise. It can introduce new stories, new characters, and new settings among other aspects that the two existing shows rarely did.

The second reason for the franchise’s break:

2. “Lucasfilm will want to deliberately starve the market of Star Wars movies for a time. The powers that be are interested in making sure that there’s not a sense of fatigue.”

With six films currently scheduled to be released in such a short amount of time, it does not come as a surprise that Disney and Lucasfilm has concerns as to whether or not viewers will eventually lose interest. One large reason in The Force Awakens‘ success was the fact that there hadn’t been a Star Wars film in 10 years and the films had not returned to the story of the original trilogy in almost thirty years. As a result of this break from what was so cherished by the world, the anticipation helped generate such a grand response to the film’s release. For this reason, it would make sense that Lucasfilm is looking to take a break before creating the almost-inevitable fourth trilogy.

The Fourth Star Wars Trilogy – 

Although only one film in the sequel trilogy has been released, it was received so well, both by fans and in the box office, it is practically ensured Episode VIII and Episode IX will have the same results. Considering this to be the third trilogy in the franchise and considering its inevitable success, it is highly likely Lucasfilm will create another trilogy in the future.

“Since Star Wars is a generational thing, there will be a gap between the Sequel Trilogy’s end and the new trilogy’s arrival.”

Of course, no concrete details regarding the fourth trilogy have yet to be revealed, yet it would come to no surprise to many people that it will eventually happen. The only question is when will it be made and when in the Star Wars timeline will it take place. Unfortunately, only time will tell as those are questions that will likely not be answered for a long time.

That concludes the quite lengthy list of new rumors that have surfaced surrounding the future of the Star Wars franchise. As previously stated, there is still quite a bit of time until much of this information will be confirmed or not, yet it can be confirmed Lucasfilm will undoubtedly continue to create Star Wars films as the years progress.

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Source: Star Wars News Net