O’Shea Jackson Jr. In Negotiations For ‘Godzilla’ Sequel

O’Shea Jackson Jr., son of Ice Cube and remembered for playing his father in the biopic Straight Outta Compton is looking to join the cast of the sequel to Godzilla (2014) Variety reports. The movie is already headlined by Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, as well as Kyle Chandler, Ken Watanabe and Vera Farmiga.

Whilst Straight Outta Compton was bogged down by regular biopic issues and the influences of its production partners, several standouts remain. Chief among them were headlining actors O’Shea, Corey Hawkins, and Jason Mitchell. Hawkins and Mitchell starred in Kong: Skull Island earlier this year. *Minor spoiler for Kong* Both of their characters made it out alive, so the possibility exists for an NWA reunion within the future of the MonsterVerse.

Godzilla vs Kong is a movie I want to watch, Godzilla vs Kong vs NWA is a life I want to live. Where’s Ren at?

So far, the actors from Straight Outta Compton have yet to experience any negative feedback from performances. O’Shea also stars alongside Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olson in Sundance darling Ingrid Goes West, which is set to release in April. We still need to see more from him, but his career is promising and his nuanced performance in Straight Outta Compton as well as his pedigree are enough reasons to look forward to the rest of his career.

Godilla: King of the Monsters is set to release is 2019.

Source: Variety