Stephen Amell Teases Deathstroke’s Return To ‘Arrow’

Most would agree that Deathstroke was Arrow’s best villain. Oliver Queen himself Stephen Amell, tweeted out a very interesting thing teasing a possible Deathstroke return to the show. Look at the tweet below.

Hello old friend indeed. A lot of people will agree that Deathstroke being the main villain of season 2 was the highlight of the whole show. A possible return for Slade Wilson is very much welcome.

Manu Bennett was great as the role, and him and Amell’s scenes together were some of the show’s best. His character was also somebody who was directly connected to Oliver’s past on the island, which made their dynamic that much more interesting.

Slade is still in the prison on Lian Yu, so if he does come back, there will have to be an explanation. Amell most definitely tweeted out this photo for a reason, and hopefully that means Slade is coming back on the show.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8/7 on the CW.