‘The 100’s Lindsey Morgan Rumored To Be Attached To Upcoming ‘Batgirl’ Film

Can anyone believe that Batgirl is in the works? Well it’s happening folks, and now people are starting to wonder who’s going to be playing Barbara Gordon/Batgirl. Earlier today, news broke that WB was in talks with Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon to helm a Batgirl film. It hasn’t even been a full day since the news dropped and fans have already begun scouring the internet for any hint as to which actress could be attached to the lead role, and one of the actresses speculated so far is Lindsey Morgan from The 100. 

Morgan in The 100

Morgan tweeted something very interesting that happened to be on the same day a solo Batgirl film was announced. Here’s the tweet below in question:

At first glance this might have absolutely nothing to do with the Batgirl film but there’s more evidence to suggest she might be – at the least – interested in playing the titular character.

She’s also retweeted Variety’s initial article about the movie, and has retweeted and favorited a bunch of tweets related to Batgirl. Could she actually be in talks to play the character? It’s too early to tell, but keep an eye out on her account in the coming weeks.

Remember this is all speculation and rumors and in no way confirms she’s playing Batgirl. Though it is very interesting…. but It could also be Armie Hammer level trolling. (ARE YOU GREEN LANTERN DAMNIT?!)

Batgirl is currently without a release date .