‘The Flash’ Season 3 Episode 15 Review

  • *Spoilers For The Flash Season 3 Episode 15 Below*

Tonight we saw the return of Savitar, and he couldn’t have come back on better terms. The episode is very appropriately titled The Wrath of Savitar, as we find out just how diabolical the God of Speed’s plan is. As we’ve previously learned, he pushed Barry into the future to the moment he witnessed Iris die. Now, it seems likely this was so that Barry would then see the headlines in the future and attempt to keep them from happening. If Savitar knew Barry would see the future and try to change it, and in doing so he’d be helping Savitar towards his goal, which we now know was to escape the Speed Force. His return does raise some questions; Who is Savitar to Barry in the future? What warrants his revenge on the Scarlet Speedster? We did, however, get answers to previous questions.

The “one to betray the rest” was Caitlin. Because she thought it could be used to get rid of her Killer Frost powers, she kept a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone without telling anybody. The team is too preoccupied trying to figure out how to take down Savitar, so everyone quickly brushes by this, except for Julian. Just as soon as their began to take form, it took a serious blow because of this secret, and it will be interesting to see how the dynamic between the two changes from here. Savitar clearly foresaw this and after he’d been given the opportunity to give Wally his powers from Flashpoint, he knew he could be used as a pawn to get the last piece of the Stone.

Without knowing it, Barry threw the Stone into the Speed Force, directly to Savitar because he’d been trapped in there by Barry in the future. Because he needed the piece Caitlin kept, he got into Wally’s head in order to drive him to throw the last piece of the Stone into the Speed Force. This was exactly what unfolded, and with Savitar having escaped, the Speed Force replaced him with Wally which makes him the one to “suffer a fate worse than death”. Fans of the comics are familiar with this, as Wally West became trapped in the Speed Force and only recently was brought back into reality in DC’s Rebirth. All that remains of Kid Flash, for now, is the shred of his costume. It will be very interesting to see how the team goes about getting him back.

One last notable event from the episode is that we find out Barry asked Iris to marry him because in the future when Savitar kills her, she is not wearing a ring, and therefore he thought by marrying her he could change the future. However, Cisco vibed himself into the future with Wally, who found this out for himself then went back and told everyone. This really stuck with Iris, and at the end of the episode we saw she had taken off her ring. Everything that unfolded tonight leads to the assumption that Iris’s death is coming. Savitar has escaped, Wally is no longer here to help, and Iris most likely won’t be wearing a ring when the time comes. That is, unless Barry comes up with some speech about how he wants Iris to be his wife and not “someone he tries to protect for all eternity”, and then she forgives him and says yes for a second time. It is very uncertain how the season’s issues will be resolved, but the suspense is enthralling. It is great to be back on track with the main plot of the season.

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