‘The Walking Dead’ 7×14 Review: Another Step Towards All-Out War

For the last few weeks, it seems like these reviews sort of follow the format from the week before. It’s not an episode that is inherently filler, but it does have that feel that The Walking Dead is dragging it’s feet when it comes to finally bringing us to the hitting of the fan, so to speak. That being said, I really liked last night’s episode. I like that it seems like the show is trying to turn around Rosita’s character, which, for those of you who have been keeping up with my reviews, know that I have been a little annoyed with how they’ve been dealing with her after watching Abraham and Glenn die. Her character seems to have been shelved in favor of the other, more “important” characters, making her seem flat and emotionless, and when her emotion did come through, it made her seem immature and childish. I really want to like Rosita. She really can hold her own, and is the only Latina character in the show (also she IS Suzie Crabgrass, so). She has a ton of potential in the show, and is still more or less a blank canvas to be filled with good (or bad) writing. While they haven’t handled her horrendously, it hasn’t been the best it could be.

If we didn’t know who Carol was, and only saw her being cool and tough, quiet but killer, but not knowing anything about her, we might not be so invested with her as we are now. Same thing with Rosita. She’s cool, but we need to know more about her, and know what drives her.¬†Today was a bit of a step up with Rosita’s character. Though this episode wasn’t the most exciting of episodes, it really helped flesh out Rosita, and made her something more than someone who knows how to survive, and exudes sexuality. She is those things, but the reasons why came to light in last night’s episode. In the conversation that her and Sasha have in that abandoned building, waiting for Negan, we see more of her humanity than we have in the seasons that she has been in so far. I for one, always thought that she was in the army at one point, but last night we learned that she was in a relationship with someone who was. She learned everything her boyfriends did, and did it better.

That is such an important point to understand about Rosita, and anyone that she has been with, or ever will be involved with, we can assume that she will be absorbing information from that person, and that might be the reason she’s with them. Rosita said that she wasn’t with Abraham for that reason, but because he understood that she could hold her own. It made the loss of Abraham seem more moving and emotional to her, that even though they weren’t romantically together anymore, the fact that she lost such a close friend was something that devastated her. I liked that they had her talk about that, as it was a view of her that I didn’t quite see from her before. When she said that she regretted not being able to tell Abraham that she was happy that he was happy. That line was really moving for me, and it really brought her character forward.

This episode has made me hopeful for Rosita, but Sasha, not so much. While not for the same reason as the former, Sasha’s character has been digested and dissected for seasons, and she doesn’t suffer from sub-par writing. The fact of the matter is, her character has experienced a full character arc. She had been through hell with her brother and her former beau, Bob, and had gone through a time where she was truly depressed and Abraham got her through that time. She was ready to be happy with him, until he was unceremoniously dispatched.

There have been complaints that Sasha’s choices don’t make sense and that she has been annoying this season, but honestly, I think it makes perfect sense. I for sure wasn’t expecting that she’d lock out Rosita and go into the Savior’s place alone, but it made sense that she did. When she was talking about dying for something, because Abraham wasn’t able to, it kind of gave us a hint that she really wanted to do this for him, and would do it, no matter what. The fact that she made Rosita not go showed us and Rosita that her time was not yet done, that she’d need to do more before dying. If that annoyed you, I’m not sure what to say.

I think that Sasha might die. Not just because she’s alone and the place is crawling with Saviors, but because I feel like her character arc has reached full circle. She has nothing left for her to attain. Her arc ended when she reached happiness with Abraham, and (I think) is only around right now to give his death, and her possible death, meaning. That isn’t to say that I don’t find her decision to put her life (and Rosita’s life) in danger for (seemingly) no good reason a dumb decision. I wish they could understand that waiting would truly help, and that everyone else is lying in wait and preparing for the war, why shouldn’t they?

Speaking of waiting, while we wait for the inevitable war coming, we got to see the way life works at the Hilltop, much like how we saw the Kingdom last week. We found out that Jesus is gay, Enid is a loyal servant (so to speak) of Maggie, Gregory is still super annoying and likes to kiss the Savior’s butts, and Daryl, who I think is dumb to have decided to move to the Hilltop, is avoiding Maggie. Eventually they talked it out after a close call with a Savior. I liked that scene, personally. Many don’t like the dialogue heavy scenes, or just calm scenes in general, but I really like them, as they show me more about that character that I might not have been able to see before. It was so sad to see Daryl be so depressed and apologize to Maggie for causing Glenn’s death, and it was equally poignant to see Maggie accept his apology. You really feel their bond as friends grow through that conversation.

I really liked seeing the Saviors visit the Hilltop too. I knew it was going to happen, since they’d killed their old doctor, who, if you didn’t catch it, is the Hilltop doctor’s brother. That was part of the reason that I was mad that Daryl decided to go to the Hilltop, but they didn’t get caught, so it was all good, I guess. Back on the Saviors, I personally really like their leader, who’s name I never bothered to learn because I just call him Trevor. I know he’s a little flat, and we don’t see enough of him to really like him for his character, but I like him because of the GTA. Comment below if you can’t get that out of you head too.

So there it is, that’s my thoughts on Sunday’s episode. What did you think of it? Are you hopeful that this season will end well, or are these slow episodes cramping your style? Let us know in the comment section down below, or on Twitter or Instagram!

Rating: 8