‘The Walking Dead’ Season Seven Won’t End On A Cliffhanger

I don’t even need to explain it – we all remember the insane Negan cliffhanger at the end of The Walking Dead‘s sixth season. And AMC took a lot of criticism for it, maybe more than they expected. Season seven is nearing its end as well, and the question whether we’d be seeing another cliffhanger has been asked many times.

Speaking with Comicbook.comTWD executive producer Scott Gimple confirmed that season seven will not end on a cliffhanger, at least not in the same way season seven did, saying he wants to keep reinventing the show.

We never want to do the exact same thing we did the previous season, however much it would’ve been interesting to see how people would’ve reacted to do just another giant cliffhanger with, ‘Who’s gonna die this time?’ That would’ve been repeating ourselves. In the spirit of trying to do it differently every season, this is a more conclusive ending and, in some ways, it’s kind of the ending of the last two seasons while still promising this big story coming up. I just put the finishing touches on the last episode and I hope that the audience finds the ending as satisfying as I did.”

Now, we already know Negan will live and be a threat past season seven so don’t expect him to die in the season finale. The episode will, however, be the 99th episode of the show, which means the season eight premiere will be number 100 – a huge milestone. When asked to share his vision for what’s to come after that, Gimple revealed that he is nowhere near ready to stop:

“What I’m hoping for the season premiere to be next year is the kick-off of the next 100 episodes. The promise of more story and another future. Every 8 episodes we try to reinvent ourselves and we’re going to try and do it again in a way that’s very pronounced and I hope people dig it.”

Coming off of season seven, it’s all but confirmed that the “All Out War” storyline from the comics will be the main source material, pitting Alexandria, the Kingdom and the Hilltop against the Saviors.

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