Theory: Who Could Savitar Be On ‘The Flash’? [Possible Spoilers]

For those of you keeping up with The Flash, the main villain this season has been terrorizing Barry Allen and his team throughout the season. With threats of impending doom, loyal followers who treat him as a god (as Savitar repeatedly claims every speech), and a bloodlust for Iris West, Savitar has been a formidable villain during the show’s third season.

The past couple of weeks were filled with more storylines than action scenes with last night’s episode also conforming. As the show nears the end of the season, audiences are still guessing on who Savitar is with almost no solid proof on who or where he came from. A few weeks ago, I started forming a theory on the villain’s identity but up until last night, I wasn’t sure how to properly word it. At the conclusion of last night’s episode, I’m pretty sure I know exactly who Savitar is.

Audiences have been focusing on the “who?” and “where?” question of Savitar’s whereabouts and origins throughout the season. The question that everyone should’ve been focusing on instead, if my theory is correct, is “when?”

So who do I think lies behind the armored suit that allegedly doesn’t exist? Bear with me here.. it’s Barry Allen.

Before I begin explaining my theory, direct your attention to the first piece of evidence that will probably come up again near the conclusion of this season if the theory proves correct:

Barry Allen originally sent this message to Captain Martin Stein and Jackson on the Waverider ship earlier this season on Legends of Tomorrow. Stein and Jackson had trouble keeping it a secret but when the four-way crossover event took place, they had no choice but to tell the “captains” Barry Allen and Oliver Queen. Near the end of the message, Barry warns Captain Stein not to trust anyone, including Barry himself.

Audiences (including myself) immediately assumed that Barry generally mistrusted himself because of the after-effects of the Flashpoint storyline that took place at the start of the season. What if Barry Allen meant it in a more literal sense? To break down the theory:

Barry Allen has been criticized time and time again by several different speedsters and characters about the repercussions of messing with the timeline. It’s been done various times since the show debuted a few years ago but this season has had the storyline reach prominence.

In the future, Barry realizes that time travel has had a substantial affect on not only his life, but his personal health as well. This storyline was also made into a comic when Barry Allen failed to save Wally West from dying in a car crash and Barry time traveling numerous times trying to right the ship.

After realizing the repercussions of time travel, the future version of Barry takes it upon himself to put a stop to it by going back and confront his past self. This leads to several fights and dialogue between the two (?) characters.

On the show, Savitar could be an adaptation of this comic book event. Future Barry realizes the only way to fix his mistakes is to confront his past self and in order to do so, he takes another persona with a more rugged personality (like Savitar has shown). Barry realizes that in order to stop his past self from tweaking the timeline, he’ll have to do something drastic that teaches him a lesson: Kill Iris West.

For those of you thinking no version of Barry would be open to killing someone he cares about so dearly, consider the following. If Iris dies, Barry would no longer have to tweak with the timeline again considering her death is an inevitable event (after the exhausting number of tries to change both present and future events to save her).

During Savitar and Barry’s first conversation (via Julian Albert) a few weeks ago, Barry asks Savitar who he is. Savitar replies “I’m the future, Flash”. This is the only time he calls Barry by his superhero name. Every other time it’s Barry. With a few grammar tweaks, Savitar could potentially be saying: “I’m the future Flash”, once again Barry Allen.

When Barry was talking to Savitar via Julian again two weeks ago, Savitar mentions that Barry took away everything from him and that he’ll never get over the death of Iris West.  Since Iris dies, Barry could potentially become Savitar down the line.

Savitar then glances over at Iris and mentions that it was either himself or her dying and there was no other choice. Iris’s death could potentially set off a chain of events that lead to Barry’s problems (both personal and timeline-related) in 2056. Since Iris is already dead in the future timeline in which Barry becomes Savitar, the choice becomes painstakingly obvious.

During last night’s encounter between Savitar and Jessie Quick, Savitar mentions that he has plans for Jessie but also mentions that he’s lived through everything that’s happening.

Savitar also mentions to Flash that he’ll meet him soon and that Barry has taken everything from Savitar. Again, audiences are quick to assume that this means that it’s impossible that Barry and Savitar are the same person. If looked at from a different angle, wouldn’t Barry “meet” his future self once Iris is gone? Isn’t Iris the most important thing in his life? Would it be too much to say she’s considered “his everything”?

As for the armor, Caitlyn and Cisco mention that the armor allegedly doesn’t exist. That could be easily refuted by saying the armor doesn’t exist yet. 40 years is a lot of time and many technological advances could be made to include new types of metal.

When defeating Savitar and saving Iris (thanks to the confidence boost from last night’s episode), Barry essentially saves himself from becoming Savitar and the season concludes.

Thus, the prophecy is fulfilled: One will fall (Iris West’s death), one will betray everyone (Barry Allen eventually becoming Savitar), and one will suffer a fate worse than death (Wally West being stuck in a temporal loop of his mother’s death). In my eyes, it all adds up.

Honorable mention: This panel from the same comic book storyline mentioned above looks eerily similar to Savitar’s suit beneath the armor. It might hold some significance but ultimately, it probably doesn’t.

What do you think of the theory? Sound off in the comments below!


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  • March 15, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    But future Barry is the one who locked savitar away in the speedforce

    • March 15, 2017 at 5:16 pm

      So Savitar says.

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