Top 5 Best Pixar Animated Films

Pixar is an incredibly well known, beloved company, and rightfully so. They have created endless animated classics that will live forever as they are praised by avid movie viewers and casual fans alike. From beautiful short films such as Piper, to two hour thrill rides like The Incredibles, everything they produce provides fans with immense joy for years to come.

Just like other historic companies, Pixar has far too many classics to choose from. Some films that are remarkably good that just missed out on the top 5 are:

  • Monsters Inc.
  • Ratatouille
  • La Luna
  • Piper
  • Inside Out

5. Wall-E


This film is insanely under appreciated, which is unfortunate due to how touching and entertaining this story is. Wall-E is the story of the last robot left on earth, tasked with an impossible job, collect all the trash left on Earth by the humans. After being left alone for an extended period of time, a new ship arrives, with a fellow robot, a more advanced bot at that. This new robot is named EVE, and along with Wall-E, they learn to have emotions, and eventually the sneak onto the next ship, beginning their adventure. Sadly this film isn’t always seen as one of the best Pixar films, due to the surprisingly mixed fan reaction. Despite mainly positive reviews, many fans saw it as dull, which is part of the reason it isn’t widely regarded as this good.

4. Finding Nemo & Finding Dory


Everyone knows the touching story of Nemo and his dad, but the film that goes un-appreciated, is Finding Dory. Sure, the wonderful predecessor to the long awaited sequel is far better are much more original in its story, but Finding Dory is still fantastic, even as a standalone film. Each film explores family relations and perseverance through tragedy, both of which are relatively adult topics for a children’s film, which adds to why fans love it so much.

3. The Incredibles


Quite possibly one of the most quotable films of all time, The Incredibles follows a super family with obscure opponents and odd issues, all while dealing with adult issues such as personal vendettas. Everything about this film is amazing, there is the lovable characters, the relatable, yet easily hateable villain, and the witty dialogue that all children films need. We still haven’t gotten our sequel, but in 2018, after 14 long years, we will finally get our sequel, when The Incredibles 2 arrives in theaters.

2. Toy Story


Most fans of cinema have heard of the theory that states that sequels progressively get worse… there is one exception. Pixar Animation accomplished the impossible, they have made three films, with a fourth on the way, and they have all been amazing. Each film has had a unique style, while still maintaining the emotional undertone that made the action filled first film so wonderfully good. Throughout the years many fans would think that they would get tired of these characters, but not Woody and Buzz. Some characters are legendary, some are worshipped, but these two are immortal. From “Up, Up, and Away” to “There’s a Snake in my Boot”, each character has one specific moment, that cements them as a legendary character, and their film as an animated masterpiece.

1. Up


Words can’t describe Up. Every shot, every word said by a voice actor, every pixel is perfect.  The story is so touching, you would think that a film such as this one wouldn’t have wonderful action sequences and exciting moments, but it does. When you start the movie you are hit with a train of emotions, primarily sadness, but as the film goes on you are on an emotional roller coaster, the entire way. Some may see this choice as poor, but to me, it seems undebatable. This film, despite its few flaws, is a masterpiece, full of amazingly developed characters and beautiful animation.

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