Untitled ‘X-Men’ Pilot May Be Partially Set In World War II

No one knows a thing about this Fox X-Men show, but they apparently are filming a pilot. The rumored title of the show is Gifted, and there’s some speculation on what could that mean. A fascinating thing came out of the casting call, which was asking for volunteers to be SS Guards. The SS (short for Schutzstaffel, which is German and translates to Guard Echelon) was a paramilitary Special Operations unit in Nazi Germany. Look below.

This is very interesting, and could mean some very interesting things. WWII apparently has something to do with this show, and it could either be a flash back or some type of time-travel.

It’s been said that this show connects to the X-Men film universe, and is rumored to focus on mutants on the run from sentinels. The mutant underground will also apparently play a role in this show.

Bryan Singer, who’s directed four X-Men films, is directing the pilot in Dallas, Texas.

No one knows the official title or release of this show.

Source: Omega Underground