‘Venom’ Solo Movie To Be More Horror Than Superhero Film

It looks like a Venom movie is happening, and it looks like Sony really wants to give this character his own movie. According to the site My Entertainment World, Venom is expected to start production this upcoming Fall 2017. What’s also interesting is the genre that the film falls under is Action/Horror/Sci-fi.

Not connected to Life

That is fascinating that the movie is aiming towards this genre, than the typical superhero affair. The symbiote is definitely something out of a horror movie, so this could actually work for Venom.

Fans speculated that the recently released film Life, was the prequel to Venom because of how similar the bacteria looks like the symbiote. That isn’t the case, but Venom could very well take this Sci-Fi/Horror approach.

No one know really knows what this movie is about but it’s assumed that it’s going to be about the character Eddie Brock. Brock comes into contact with the alien symbiote who takes control of his body, and he pretty much becomes a more evil and powerful version of Spider-Man.

No one knows if Spider-Man will make an appearance or if it’s connected to the MCU, but it’s looking like it isn’t at the moment.

Venom releases on October 5, 2018.

Source: My Entertainment World