Warner Bros. Still Wants Two DC Films In Production This Year

As of right now there is only one DC film coming out in 2018, which is Aquaman. The Flash was supposed to come out that year, with maybe The Batman. The Flash has been delayed indefinitely after losing a couple of directors, and The Batman doesn’t starting production until 2018 at the earliest. Justin Kroll from Variety has tweeted interesting information regarding DC’s slate in 2018.

It’s fascinating that these five films are considered to be fast tracked into production in 2017, just in time for a release date in 2018. It seems unlikey that The Flash, Suicide Squad 2, and Green Lantern Corps will go into production because those films don’t have a director or a set cast at the moment.

The two films that do have a director are Gotham City Sirens (David Ayer) and Dark Universe (Doug Liman). It seems these two films are the most likely to start production in 2017. Out of those two, it seems like Sirens might have the best shot at coming out next year, because Margot Robbie and David Ayer have been working together on this since Suicide Squad. They could be further along in the pre-production process than people know, but Catwoman and Poison Ivy have not been cast yet. But Suicide Squad 2 may also have a shot, because they could just use the cast from the first movie. Who knows? If any of these five movies were to come out next year, they would literally have to go into production within the month or two.

From the looks of it, it seems like Aquaman might be the only DC film of 2018. As Kroll tweeted, if the scripts aren’t ready, then DC is content with only one production this year. 2019 will most likely have a lot more.