‘Wonder Woman’ Producer Charles Roven Talks Film’s Comic Book Influence

DCEU fans and movie fans alike are getting hyped for Wonder Woman, the fourth installment in the DCEU and the first big-budget female superhero movie since 2005. The film recently released its final trailer to praise from fans, and is shaping up to be one of the summer’s biggest movies. Now, in an interview with DCEU producer Charles Roven, the comic books which inspired the film have been revealed. Check out what Roven had to say right here:

I love the Perez – it’s my favorite run, personally. But really, we took things from or used all different versions of the comic throughout history for inspiration. From the stunt team who actually look at the panels to help compose shots to her costume, and our villains, the characters. The source material is the source material. Really, the inspiration for Themyscira, if you go back to the original comics, it was more about just this ideal sort of paradise. At the time Greek inspiration felt very appropriate, but what Patty was trying to do was just say, “All right, what would that be for contemporary time?” When that part of the world isn’t quite so mysterious as it once was, what would our version of paradise island be?

It seems that the filmmakers pulled from all sorts of comics when it came to crafting Wonder Woman. Hopefully their vision will resonate with audiences and deliver a fantastic film.

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Wonder Woman debuts on June 2nd, 2017 (US).

Source: Comicbook