‘Wonder Woman’ Producer Talks Diana’s Mission

Fans saw Gal Gadot suit up as ‘Wonder Woman’ in the Justice League trailer yesterday but before she fights along side the likes of Batman and The Flash against the Parademons, we’ll be seeing her fight in World War 1 in her solo movie come June. In an interview with CB, Wonder Woman producer Charles Raven talked about Diana’s mission in the movie…

“The most important thing, I think, is that Diana’s mission is the Amazon mission. She feels that she is going to accomplish it in one way, and she learns that actually she has to accomplish it in another way. While she’s got the mission in her mind when she leaves, she accomplishes the mission by actually learning from her experiences, including being gifted of those experiences by mankind. It’s really just the sense that we’re not in this world alone. We need each other.”

The ‘Amazon Mission’ mentioned above, is to return peace to humanity after it was corrupted by Ares who is confirmed to be the film’s villain. It seems safe to assume that Chris Pine’s character Steve Trevor, Diana’s love interest, is going to play a large role in Diana’s journey throughout the film.

Wonder Woman hits theatres on June 2nd 2017!

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Source: CB