Adam Warlock Likely Confirmed For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol. 3’

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2‘ director James Gunn, revealed today that fan-favorite character Adam Warlock was originally meant to be a part of the film. However, due to the film already having too many characters to focus on, he was cut out. Gunn went on to stress his love for the character, stating:

“I love Adam Warlock. He’s one of my favorite characters. In all truth, I wrote an early treatment where I had Adam Warlock as a part…this is your big scoop, because I don’t think I’ve told anybody this… It was Adam Warlock. He was a big part of the screenplay and I realized it was one character too many. And I adored the character. I adored what we had done with him. I think we did something really creative and unique with Adam Warlock. But it was one character too many and I didn’t want to lose Mantis and Mantis was more organically part of the movie anyway. So I decided to save him for later.”

That “later” will likely be ‘Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3‘, which Gunn was confirmed to be returning as both writer and director for. Marvel Studios’ President, Kevin Feige, shed further light on how Warlock may play into future MCU releases:

“He’s not. He’s not in Infinity War. But he will be a part of the future Marvel cosmic universe and a pretty important part of that.”

Source: Heroic Hollywood