The Chaste Confirmed For ‘The Defenders’

Being first introduced in Daredevil, The Chaste is the ninja assassin group headed by Stick. Stick, if fans will remember, is Matt’s mentor. The blind stick-wielding sensei-like figure showed up in the midst of the first season with a mission for Daredevil. Now it appears that they’ll be back for The Defenders.

Coming off a newly rumored release date (August 18th), The Defenders just wrapped up filming a month ago. With other properties like Daredevil being confirmed for a third season, Jessica Jones currently shooting, and The Punisher finishing up post-production, it seems that Marvel’s Netflix-verse won’t be hitting any snags soon.

A newly added member of the Chaste was recently confirmed to show up on the team-up show. Thanks to a spanish magazine excerpt, we’ve recently learned that Marko Zoror will be playing Shaft, another member of the Chaste and will make his debut in the team-up series.

In the Hand-centric themed Iron Fist, fans learned that not only does the Hand have many enemies but there are at least three separate factions of the Hand. The first faction will be led by Madame Gao who has shown up in at least two of the shows so far. Nobu, a character fans law saw on Daredevil, leads another faction. The third faction is led by Bakuto but might not be considering he was “killed” during the season finale. Sigourney Weaver was confirmed to have a role in leading The Hand on The Defenders as well but it’s unclear how she fits into the fold.

More updates on the full cast of the Defenders will be provided as the Drop receives them.