Elizabeth Debicki Talks Playing The Villain In ‘GOTG Vol. 2’

We’ve heard surprisingly little about the main villain of Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2, especially considering the film hits theaters next Friday. Ayesha, ruler of the Sovereign people, is the (literally) Golden High Priestess and is played by Elizabeth Debicki. While the character does have a history in the comic books, better known as Kismet, we have barely any details of what this iteration of the character is all about. Speaking with the New Zealand Herald, Debicki shed some much needed light on various aspects of her experience playing the character:

“One of the things that really appealed to me is that within the context of the film she is quite a villainess. There’s a lot of fun to be had playing a villain. She believes so truly in what she’s doing for her people and follows through so thoroughly that there was a lot of humour to be had. There’s an interesting rage in her that’s seething all the time. That’s quite fun to play as well.”


She further discussed the dynamic of playing such a starkly serious character in an otherwise light-hearted film:

“When you put a really straight character in front of the Guardians it’s not gonna fly in the sense that she’s so merciless and they’re so irreverent. I always think it’s really fun to play someone really straight in a very funny film.”

She also described the elaborate working required to pull off her character’s unique look:

“I had two people on the makeup and another person on the hair but the most elaborate thing about Ayesha is the costumes that I wear. That took multiple people to put on and get all the pieces together. That dress I’m wearing when I sit on the throne is a really elaborate piece of costuming and that took multiple people to move around.”

Lastly, the actress spoke of being impressed by Marvel Studios’ commitment to bringing characters to life:

“The first time I was really aware of the detail and the depth with which Marvel create their characters was through the process of fitting the costumes, the makeup and hair trials and the camera testing and that kind of stuff. The look of Ayesha was so extraordinary that I was completely in awe of what they were attempting to do with her and the process of creating a look for the character.”

Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 opens in theaters Friday, May 5 2017.

Source: New Zealand Herald