New Leak Seemingly Confirms Untitled ‘Batman’ Game At E3 2017

For a while now we’ve been hearing reports and rumors surrounding an unannounced Batman game in the works from Batman: Arkham Origins studio WB Montreal. According to sources, the title was set to be announced during the VGAs last year before being pulled from the event due to the supposed leak, and then most recently the game was rumored to be unveiled on March 8th, after IGN France posted an image featuring a WB Games logo similar to the one used before Arkham Origins’ announcement.

That image was ultimately a tease for Shadow of Mordor‘s sequel Shadow of War, which has fans left wondering if the game is even real or if we’ll ever see it announced. If a new leak is any indication, we could see this new Batman game unveiled at E3 in a few months.

I just want to remind you that this is a RUMOR/LEAK and hasn’t been confirmed by WB in any way.

Costa Rican magazine Up2Play posted photos revealing which games the big studios would be showing off/announcing at E3 this year, and the following image in question below seemingly confirms the existence of this new Batman title at the Entertainment Expo. Check it out:

One thing to notice right off the bat (pun intended) is the lack of the “Arkham” brand. The title is only listed as “Batman 2017” which has led people to believe that either the upcoming game has nothing to do with the Arkham franchise or that WB hasn’t fully decided on a name yet… which would be an issue considering the convention is a little over two months away.

The asterisk before the name also has many to believe the game will be announced prior to the convention before officially being showed off during WB’s panel. It’s been done before with Batman: Arkham Knight and countless other games, so it’s not completely out of the question.

E3 will run from June 13-15th in Los Angeles, California.

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Source: Up2Play via Arkhamverse