Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman Returning For ‘Supergirl’ Season Finale

Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman returns (pun intended) for the Supergirl season 2 finale. E! News revealed this news, and it’s no surprise the man of steel is making another appearance on the show.

Hoechlin’s portrayal of Superman has been praised by fans and critics. Many say he has been the highlight of season 2, when he teamed up with Supergirl for the first two episodes of season 2. He portrays an old fashioned Superman that’s more like Christopher Reeves.

“We’re thrilled with working Tyler, which has been an amazing experience,” producer Andrew Kreisberg said. “We just selfishly hope we get to do it again because it really added to the show in a way.”

This quote was originally said when Hoechlin came in for the first time. He did bring a charm to show, that really worked well with Melissa Benoist. Kreisberg then talked about his supporting role and how they wanted to portray him.

“We very cognizant of not wanting him to come in and steal her thunder, so this Superman that we designed was something that you really haven’t seen too much of. Usually when you see Superman, even when it’s in the Christopher Reeve movie or Man of Steel or Lois & Clark, he’s just starting out and we wanted to show Superman who’s been doing this for a decade and has gotten really, really good at it. He was really coming in to be a friend and a cousin and a mentor. We simultaneously wanted to have a Superman who was relatable and fun and sort of everything that you remember about Superman from your childhood that was great, while also, at the same time, de-mystifying him a little bit.”

Superman is never really explored as someone in the mentor role. Usually his most well known movies are the ones where he’s just starting and learning about himself. His role as mentor in this show is actually pretty unique.

Supergirl airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Source: E!