New ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’ Concept Art Released

Being a part of the Marvel’s cosmic universe, the Guardians of the Galaxy series has never been afraid to showcase wacky, colorful, and imaginative costumes and designs. From green skin and body tattoos to gold people and metal mohawks, Guardians and its sequel have always gone crazy with costumes and designs. In Guardians Vol. 2 we were introduced to Mantis, who has antennae, and we saw brand new, but familiar looks to all the Guardians.

In a recent interview, costume designer Judianna Makovsky talked about how she and director James Gunn went about designing the costumes of the second film.

The costumes in the first movie were absolutely brilliant, but I think James wanted to go from there and make them a little bit more real, and like I said, have a bit more of a rock star feel to it. So they were a little more slim-fit and just a little bit more reality-based, rather than superhero-based. In keeping with the same techniques that the clothes were made in the first film, we just went from there and did new versions that were a little more slim, a little less crazy.

The costumes in the second film definitely felt more subtle in color, but still felt like they belonged in the universe. It will be interesting to see where they go for the third film.

Speaking of costume designs, we have some new concept art from Marvel Studios Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park, which shows off Star-Lord and Mantis. Check it out below!

I really love what they did with Star-Lord here, but I do prefer the final version of Mantis compared to these concepts.

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Source: Fashionista