Matt Reeves On Finding a Personal Approach Into ‘The Batman’

Director Matt Reeves is currently making the rounds speaking with press in promotion for his new film, War for the Planet of the Apes. Of course, the director also has to contend with a barrage of questions regarding his responsibilities as director of the other multi-million dollar blockbuster film centered around a conflicted, complex hero: The Batman.
Fielding questions from Brandon Davis of, the topic of Reeves directing the Ben Affleck-led film – who stepped down and handed the reins over to the Apes director, choosing to focus simply on playing the lead character – inevitably came up. Reeves had an honest, if unassuming answer, stating how he’s yet to even begin working on the film. Understandably so, as War has barely been wrapped up in the past week or so. Reeves went on to discuss his approach to the project, saying:

“Look, I’m just starting Batman because literally, [War for the Planet of the Apes], as I just said, we finished about a week ago and now we’re publicizing it, so, we haven’t even begun on Batman. For me, what’s always important is to try and find a personal way in. In that way, I do feel like I relate to actors. It’s about understanding emotionally, the way something is. I see this parallel between Caesar and Batman, really, which is this idea of these characters who are grappling with their own struggle and trying to do the right thing in an imperfect world and, so, I do really relate it to that kind of idea.”

¬†This isn’t the first time Reeves drew the comparison between the Dark Knight and Caesar, leader of the apes. In any case, one can only hopes fans and journalists alike will allow Reeves the courtesy to develop and bring to life the project, executing his vision without having to deal with the added pressure of a hounding fanbase.

Reeves’ War for the Planet of the Apes is due for theatrical release Friday July 14 2017.

Source: comicbook