Sideshow Collectibles Reveals Luke Skywalker Premium Format Figure

Straight out of Episode V comes Sideshow Collectibles latest Star Wars Premium Format Figure: Bespin Luke Skywalker. Check out how sick this guy looks below!

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This statue looks miraculous, and those who worked on it seem very happy with the outcome. The costume fabrication artist Esther Skandunas spoke about the joys of crafting the outfit for Luke.

“Working on this piece was a fun and engaging challenge.  Luke’s costume is very detailed. As such, we worked with copious amounts of reference material to ensure everything was as screen accurate as possible, down to the correct placement of his pockets. The costume and its coloration add that extra dynamism to the statue that captures the fullness of Luke Skywalker’s story in Episode V.”

Project Manager Mike Tolentino went on to discuss how critical a time in the film that this piece captures.

 “This statue captures a crucial moment on Luke’s time on Bespin.  When displayed with the lightsaber in his hand, he appears ready to discover his destiny in his fight against Darth Vader.  With the exclusive blaster in his hand, Luke is searching in Cloud City for Leia and Han.  Each varied display option enhances the story that this piece tells in your collection.”

The likeness to Mark Hamill is impeccable, but what else is to be expected from Sideshow? He stands about 20 inches tall, and fits right in with the existing Han and Chewie Premium Format Figures. Personally, I think the coolest aspect of the piece is that the lightsaber comes equipped with an LED light-up feature. The exclusive version comes with a blaster, and costs $559.99, while the non-exclusive costs $549.99. Preorder goes live Thursday the 15th of this month!

What do you guys think? Are you going to add this piece to your collection from a galaxy far far away? Do you think the blaster is worth the extra $10? Let us know in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Sideshow Collectibles