‘Spider-Man PS4’ To Feature A Variety Of Alternate Costumes

For the trailers and gameplay previewed at E3, Insomniac Game’s Spider-Man looks poised to be the quintessential Spidey experience. Fans have been extremely enthusiastic for all aspects of the game shown off so far, except for one: the new Spider-Suit.
While the new suit seems to take cues from the Webhead’s duds in various cinematic incarnations, it features a major departure in the traditional look of the Wall-Crawler, with the developers opting for a white spider symbol and accents instead of the usual black. Insomniac’s official Twitter account did mention that this change in look serves a storyline purpose. For fans opting for a more classical set of threads, there’s good news! The developers confirmed on Twitter that Peter Parker will in fact be able to don alternate suits in the game:

It’s a safe bet that all of Spidey’s movie suits will be available as alternate costumes, as well as the usual 616, Ultimate, and Symbiote suits. What other suits would you guys be interested to see make it into the game? Let us know!

Spider-Man is set for release sometime in 2018, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.