Bigotry Will Be A Prominent Issue In ‘The Gifted’

X-Men are not strangers to controversy, both on-screen and on the pages of their comics. Fox’s new small-screen endeavor, The Gifted, will be no different. In an interview with Den of Geek, Emma Dumont talked about how bigotry will play a big role in the upcoming show.

“Yeah, I’m going to say straight-up you guys, our show’s about bigotry,” Dumont explained. “I’m sorry, but we see it in the first scene when Blink’s running for her life and a cop could easily kill her dead with zero consequences, because of prejudice. Because of prejudging her for something people are uncomfortable with, that they don’t understand, because people are born with this thing, and that is literally where we live.”

For the most part the show was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia which was a huge epicenter for the Civil Rights movement. Dumont got to talking about how this plays into the tone of the show.

“It is heartbreaking, but I hope this show throws up a mirror on society,” says Dumont. “We love filming in Georgia, because it was such a big part of the civil rights movement in the United States, and yeah our mutant underground is based on the underground railroad. I mean, we aren’t trying to hide it, we’re not being cool. We’re being like, for real, these are the issues we want to talk about.”

Jamie Chung, who will be portraying Clarice Ferguson/Blink in the series, also discussed the importance of the issue in The Gifted.

“It’s extremely important, I think that is why [Matt Nix] wanted to create this show and highlight it. It’s not comparable to what people are actually going through, but I think it makes our show quite different because we are highlighting those current events issues.”

Even though people aren’t walking around with mutant powers and getting oppressed by the government, these undertones that will be apparent in The Gifted are prevalent in our society today. It’s that much better when comic book movies and television shows feel a bit more relatable, because it tends to make the viewing experience more enjoyable when the audience can connect. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on all things The Gifted, which premieres on Fox on October 2nd!

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