DC Collectibles Unveils New Action Figure Line: ‘DC Essentials’

San Diego Comic Con in nearly upon us, with a little over 24 hours left until Preview Night commences. With that, the floodgates of new reveals have been blown open, and before the tidal wave of new trailers, film announcements, and merchandise hits us all, DC Collectibles – via IGN – has revealed its brand new line of action figures, titled DC Essentials.

Scaled at DCC’s old standard of 6.75″, the line seems to be an effort by the company – which has been facing troubled times as a toy manufacturer for the past couple years – to course correct and improve its offerings to match fan demand. DCC’s previous flagship line, DC Icons, was not only undersized, but featured an odd articulation formula that never really worked as well as it should have. This new series of figures does away with those issues. The first wave is based on DC Rebirth, specifically the art of Jason Fabok, and includes:








Green Lantern





The Flash
Wonder Woman

Each figure will be priced at $26, and wave 1 and (an as of yet unrevealed) wave 2 will be launching in Summer 2018.

Source: IGN