‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 2 Review

This season of Game of Thrones is already moving quickly, with a lot of things happening in only the second episode. That is to say that there only 5 episodes left of the season, with only 6 episodes next season.  Stormborn’s last minutes were some of the most thrilling of the series with its epic action scene, that only a show like this can pull off. Before I get to that scene, let’s talk about everything else.


Deanerys is finally in Westeros, and it’s so weird seeing her there after spending so much time with her across the ocean, separated from everyone and everything.

Dany and Yara were arguing whether to attack now or not. Dany could burn King’s Landing to the ground and just take the Iron Throne, but she actually cares about people. She would be no better than her Mad King father, which is what Cersei has pretty much become. So it’s good to see Dany wanting to do it the honorable way.

On Cersei’s side they are wondering how to deal with Dany’s army, especially with three dragons.  It seems like they are building a giant crossbow, that will possibly be able to pierce through dragon scale. If that manages to work, then the Targaryen army is in for some trouble, and I can’t imagine the look on Dany’s face if that happens.

Sam looks like he’s on to something with the Grayscale that Jorah has. Sam trying to forcibly peel off Jorah’s Grayscale was one of the sickest scenes this show has ever done. It’ll be huge if Sam finds a cure for this disease. It was also hilarious when the scene cut away to some chowder that looked a lot like the pus that was coming out of Jorah’s skin.

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On Jon Snow’s side, we saw more tension between him and Sansa. When Jon received the letter from Tyrion inviting him to Dragonstone, I think every fan got excited for the possibility of Jon and Dany meeting. Jon’s army needs help, and finally chose Sansa to lead the Northern army while he seeks out Daenery’s help. Finally these two characters are meeting, and I think everyone couldn’t be more excited. Will Dany believe Jon’s story about the Whitewalkers?

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Arya reunited with Hot Pie, who finally realized she was a girl. It was a nice touching scene to see those two together, after how much Arya has gone through. After that she reunited with her dire wolf Nymeria, who is now a wild animal of the forest. It was a nice emotional scene when she said, “That’s not You”, which is a call back to a scene in season 1 where her father Ned suggested she become a princess and she said, “That’s not me.” Will Arya go home to Winterfell to reunite with Sansa? Hopefully she does, so she can fight alongside the North.

Now the show ended off with the battle between the Greyjoys. It was awesome seeing this show giving us a boat battle, because it was a thrilling action scene, that resembled the Pirates movie. Euron was taking some damage from the sand snakes, but that wild crazy man just wouldn’t go down. Unfortunately Euron’s army got the best of Yara’s and had her by the throat.

A lot of people think Theon is a coward for not trying to save his sister, but look at this way. Theon was outnumbered, most of their men were dead, and Euron is a much better fighter than Theon. Theon was most likely going to die or get captured, and that would be counterproductive. So jump and kill Euron later.

Maybe I’m giving Theon too much credit, but let me just say THEON DID NO WRONG.

Stormborn definitely moved things forward, and next episode looks even better with Dany and Jon finally meeting. Hopefully Arya reunites with her siblings, and Sam finding the cure for Grayscale could be a game changer. The battle on the boat was great, and hopefully Theon redeems himself.