‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 3 Review

The Queen’s Justice was full of so many satisfying moments. The fateful meeting between two characters that have been separated in their journeys was amazing to watch. The dialogue in this episode was also very on point, and some of the best this show has given. Three episodes in, and it looks like the next 4 episodes are going full force.


I am so glad this episode didn’t make us wait for the meeting between Jon and Daenerys. Sometimes this show makes us wait for the moment we are waiting for, but since this season is short, it looks like they are wasting no time. Before Jon even got to the Queen of Dragons, he was talking with Tyrion, which probably was my favorite part of this episode. These two characters have great chemistry, and you can tell that they both mutually respect each other. The dialogue between them was so good, I kind of wish the whole episode was these two talking about their journey.

But alas Jon finally met the Queen of Dragons, and it was also a good but frustrating scene to watch. These two characters have been thorugh long difficult journeys, but their goals are very different. One wants to fight the Army of the Dead that wants to kill every living thing, while the other wants to sit on the Iron Throne. I feel bad for Jon every time he has to explain himself, you can see that he’s truly desperate when he talks about the White Walkers. It was really great to see them finally having a conversation, but I had a feeling they would be disagreeing at first.

Thankfully Tyrion is the Hand of the Queen, because I think the meeting would’ve gone bad if he wasn’t there. I’m glad he made both sides eventually come to an agreement.

Euron Greyjoy is the hero of Kings Landing, after defeating the Yara Greyjoy’s army, and now he feels he should marry Cersei to become King. Euron is a laughably over the top character, but I can’t help but laugh everytime he says something. When he taunts Jaime about his sister, it was hilarious, and Jaime probably would’ve killed him if he wasn’t in public.

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On Cersei’s side of things, it looks she is becoming more evil by the second. The way she tortures Ellaria by poisoning her daughter right in front of her was scary but satisfying. She did kill Cersei’s daughter, so it was only right Cersei got back at her, but man was that scene a bit terrifying.

It also looks like Cersei doesn’t care if people know about her incestous relationship with her brother Jaime. That was a funny but awkward scene when Cersei opened the door to talk to that person, and you just see Jaime in bed.

On Sam’s side, it looks like he has cured the Grayscale Jorah had, by only carefully reading the instructions. These two character’s interactions was very fun to see, so I’m going to miss them being together. It was very nice to see Sam get some credit he deserves from the Maester, but hopefully his knowledge can be used in the future. It looks like Jorah is going after his true love Daenerys.

Sansa and Bran finally reunited, but the journey between these two characters couldn’t be any more different. It was fun to hear Sansa’s reaction to Bran saying he’s the three-eyed raven, because I think the audience feels the same way. When Bran mentioned that he knew about the atrocity Ramsay did to Sansa, it was heartbreaking. I’m also looking forward to seeing Bran talk to Jon, because he knows Jon’s true origins, and I would like to see how that turns out. Hopefully Arya is next to reunite.

Now the final act of this episode was probably my favorite scene of this season so far. The Unsullied army go after Casterly Rock, and it’s masterfully narrated by Tyrion, who tells Daenerys and the audience how the battle is going to go. And for the most part it was going as planned, and it looked like the Unsullied captured the location, but of course things on this show are never that easy. Euron’s army of course is destroying the Unsullied ships while they are on Casterly Rock, and the rest of the Lannisters went and captured Highgarden, the Tyrell stronghold that’s important.

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Farewell Lady Tyrell, you were the most petty of the Seven Kingdoms

The last scene between Jaime and Olenna Tryell was a very satisfying one. She finally admits she was behind Joffrey’s death, and the look on Jaime’s face was priceless, because he couldn’t do a thing about it. It was also hilarious when she called Joffrey a c***, because most people agree on that, but that coming from an older lady makes it even better. I’m glad to see Jaime showing some good by giving Olenna painless poison, though he probably regrets it after hearing her confession. I’m sad to see Olenna go, because she was somebody on this show who kept it real, and always said what was on her mind.

Overall this one of the most satisfying Game of Thrones episode. The fact that this episode was so entertaining from start to finish, deserves a lot of high praise. Tyrion and Cersei gave the best performances and they will most likely get nominated again come award season. Jon Snow’s dialogue with Tyrion and Daenerys was great, as was Cersei embracing her own wickedness. The final act kept me on the edge of my seat, and the best this season has offered so far. It was nice Bran and Sansa reunite, and hopefully we can get a proper Stark reunion soon.