‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere Review

The Drop News will officially be doing reviews for HBO’s Game of Thrones. While the first two episodes of season 7 are already out, I will be doing reviews of the first two episodes before the third episode, starting with season premiere Stormborn. There will be spoilers because it is hard to review a TV show in its seventh season without talking about specifics. Here’s the review of Stormborn.


Game of Thrones’ season premieres have never been extravagant, and are used to catch us up with the characters and plant the seeds for things to come. This however ended up being one of the better premieres.

The episode started  off with the Freys, who are the cause of the infamous Red Wedding. Arya herself disguised as Walder Frey killed everybody in that room, and it was sweet revenge for what they have done.

Arya then rode in the forest and met with some soldiers (cameo by Ed Sheeran). It was tense moment when she said she was going to kill the Queen, with a moment a silence, and everyone laughing it off as a joke. That was a good scene in showing how conflicted Arya is now.

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The Hound finally made a return this episode, and it was interesting seeing him return to a place he was before. In season 4 when he was traveling with Arya, a family let those two stay there. When he came back, he saw the dead bodies of that family, and actually went out of his way bury them. It’s nice to see The Hound becoming a more sympathetic character, and hopefully that continues.

In Winterfell Jon Snow and Sansa seem to be having a little bit of tension on how to run things. Sansa tells him that he has to be smarter than Ned and Rob, because that was something that definitely needed to be said. If Jon doesn’t make the right decisions, he could end up like his dead father and brother.

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The Greyjoy army arrived at King’s Landing, and evil Greyjoy himself Euron, made a deal with Queen Cersei to kill Yara Greyjoy so he can marry her to become King. It’s fascinating to hear how Cersei by no means is ruler of all seven kingdoms. because of Jon and Daenerys ruling the North and Essos. It was also funny to hear Jaime insulting the Greyjoys.

Sam working in the citadel was pretty entertaining, especially with the montage of him cleaning feces. Fans are speculating he will find the cure for the Grayscale that is infecting Jorah.

Last but not least, Daenerys arrives in Westeros, specifically at Dragonstone (the name of the episode). It was a brief but effective scene that was a perfect way to end the episode.

“Shall we begin?”

Overall this episode did a good job of catching us up with the characters and setting things up for the future. Fans should be excited that Daenerys has finally arrived in Westeros after waiting so long. The Greyjoy conflict is certainly going to ramp up soon, and who knows how the partnership between Sansa and Jon will continue.