Geoff Johns Talks ‘Wonder Woman’ Impact And The DCEU Batman Universe

Wonder Woman’s success has definitely given the DCEU some much needed momentum. Fans are very excited to see what Warner Bros. will announce at today’s Comic Con panel. DC Head Geoff Johns talked with IGN about Wonder Woman’s impact and Batman’s future in the DCEU.

“Having Wonder Woman in Justice League is exciting because, again, there’s such a different audience than the typical audience that went to see that movie, and now they’ll see Justice League and get to be introduced to all these other characters like Aquaman and Flash and Cyborg, and see Batman and the whole gang together.”

The people who loved Wonder Woman will most likely go see Justice League, because of Gal Gadot, and it will also be an introduction to the DC Universe. The success of Wonder Woman is definitely important, and work on the sequel is already underway.

Johns then talked about setting up Batman’s universe in the DCEU.

“For Batman, what I will say is that Batman is more than just Batman. It’s been way too long since we’ve seen an expansion of that universe. We are doing Batgirl with Joss Whedon. It’s going to be super-exciting. He’s gonna start that next year. That’s just the start. We want to explore the Batman universe in a very big, new way. Matt Reeves is coming on to do Batman now. We don’t want to do the same thing that has been done before. We want to build it out just like we built it out in the comics”

In the comics, the world of Batman is huge, and there a lot of characters this franchise can explore. Batgirl and Nightwing are in development, with Harley Quinn attached to Gotham City Sirens, Harley Quinn v The Joker, and most likely Suicide Squad 2.

Some fans are criticizing DC for announcing so many Batman-centric films, with no appreciation for the other DC heroes. Johns responded to that concern.

“I wouldn’t say it’s going in that direction. What I will say is that we haven’t gone out there and said what our slate is, because we’ll do it when we’re ready and have the films we’re excited about.”

It is true that no one really knows when all of these announced movies will come out. Johns acknowledges that by saying that they haven’t announced a formal film slate, because they aren’t ready yet. Fans are hoping to find out what’s coming after Aquaman releases in 2018.

So far Shazam is going into production after Aquaman, and it seems like The Batman will be after that.

The Warner Bros. panel is later today, and we will update you on everything.

Source: IGN