Ranking: The Best Films Of 2017 (So Far)

The past six months have been incredibly interesting for film fans. There have been so many blockbusters, but, there has also been various films made by smaller studios that have gotten attention.

Going forward, there is much more in store for this year, from the big sequel blockbuster films, Blade Runner 2049, and Thor Ragnarok, to the long awaited latest entry in Christopher Nolan’s filmography, Dunkirk. As we move ahead with 2017, here are our picks for the best films of 2017, so far.

Song to Song:


As all dedicated film fans know, Terrence Malick is one of the most well respected directors in the business today. He is without question one of the masters of experimental filmmaking, with his bold editing, and amazing, beautiful cinematography. Despite the fact that Song to Song isn’t his best(that belongs to The Tree of Life), it is still a beautiful film, with great characters, and amazing performances from Rooney Mara and Ryan Gosling.



Netflix has done it, they’ve made a great movie, and it is all thanks to Bong Joon-ho. Joon-ho is the amazing director behind Snowpiercer, and Memories of Murder, and his films always have an underlying message. In this film he tries to portray the corruption of big business, while also giving a perfectly enjoyable story about a… giant pig. The performances in this film are mostly fantastic, specifically from Paul Dano, Tilda Swinton, and especially from Ahn Seo-hyun.



It’s been described as the perfect ending, and that is hard to debate. Logan is a film that mimics Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, in doing something that is nearly impossible to do… make a comic book film feel real. If you ignore the claw killing, the mutant abilities, and the psycho clones, you truly just have a deep, meaningful film about a legacy, and passing that on. This is the first comic book film in YEARS to have true stakes, including two key deaths, and one character coming out the other end a new hero. Logan is truly special.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore:


This movie isn’t for everyone, it truly isn’t. The directorial debut of acclaimed actor Macon Blair is an odd one. Viewers can tell that he got much of his inspiration from Jeremy Saulnier, a director he has worked with three times in the past. The story is insanely fun, the action is thrilling, and shocking, and the performances, especially from Elijah Wood, are amazing. I Don’t Feel at Home Anymore is the perfect film for any fans of  Blue Ruin, Green Room, or anything by the Coens.

Baby Driver:


Where do I even begin with Baby Driver. This film is a nonstop fun time, full of action, romance, and some of the funniest sequences of 2017. There is some amazing performances, some amazing shots, and some of the best chase sequences I’ve ever seen put to film. Edgar Wright created yet another masterpiece with this one, and he created various new movie stars in the process.

Get Out:


When we were discussing Okja, I mentioned the incredibly well handled messages that Bong Joon-ho tried to send to viewers, well, Jordan Peele did exactly that, but better. Get Out is the only thriller on my list so far, primarily due to how well they handled a sensitive, yet important topic. Not only was this film creepy, but it was intriguing, and even had a serviceable comic relief character.

The Big Sick:


Last, and certainly not last, is my favorite film of the year, The Big Sick. This film is so true to its tagline, “An Awkward True Story”. The acting is so real, the dialogue is so funny, and the script was great. Some people may not have loved Michael Showalter’s My Name is Doris, but this is not that. This film will not divide people, if anything, this film will bring people together in a special way.

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