‘The Flash’: Set Photos Reveal First Look At New Villains

With Season 4 of CW’s The Flash currently filming its premiere episode on location in Vancouver, BC, set photos have begun creeping online. The most interesting of these reveal what appear to be Samuroids, hinting at who the primary antagonist of the season may be. Check out the images (courtesy of Twitter user ThemysciraBound) below:

First appearing in The Flash #180 (June 1968) the Samuroids are – you guessed it – android samurais, created by Baron Katana in a bid for revenge after the Japanese lost World War II. His creations are outfitted with jet-packs, electrified swords, and are near-indestructible.
While it seems unlikely the show will feature the “WW2 revenge” aspect of his story, it does seem very likely that Baron Katana himself might be the main big-bad of the season for Barry and co. to square-off against.

We’ll have a better idea of the Samuroids’ role in the upcoming season after SDCC – WBTV is bringing a special video presentation of The Flash to the event on Saturday, along with a Q&A with the cast and crew.

The Flash‘s Season 4 premiere, tiled The Flash Reborn, is set to air on Tuesday, October 10, only on The CW.