Charlie Cox On Daredevil’s Future After ‘The Defenders’

The team up of Marvel’s Netflix heroes has finally arrived, and fans finally got to see fight alongside together. With the way The Defenders ended, there were some loose ends for these characters, especially for Matt Murdock/Daredevil. Charlie Cox talked to Hollywood Reporter about what can be expected for his character post-Defenders.


So Matt Murdock is thought to be dead after he and Elektra were with each other until the whole building collapsed. The final scene shows Matt alive and well being taken cared of by some monks.

“It was a very interesting way to end it,” said Cox. “It’s kind of a cliffhanger, and kind of not. I don’t know what it means for season three, going forward for Matt. It obviously presents him with some pretty interesting options when he reengages with life. Will he reconnect with people? Will he find Foggy and let him know he’s okay? Will he not? I’m very excited to find out what his game plan is going to be, once he gets his s*** together.”

It’s not going to be easy going back to New York City, when everyone thinks you’re dead.

Cox mentions that Matt has been constant struggle with his alter ego.

“He’s been struggling with who he is, or at least this aspect of himself, being Daredevil and engaging in vigilante justice on a regular basis. I can’t personally see a world where he’ll ever rid himself of that, despite the attempts to hang up the horns, as it were. At some point, one of two things is going to happen: either he’s going to embrace it in a way he never has before, or he’s going to continue to fight it. But at some point, ‘it’ will probably win over.”

Fans have noted that the last scene with Matt resembled a fan favorite Daredevil story, which is Daredevil: Born Again. 

“Everyone who loves Daredevil loves Born Again. You can’t not. And if that’s the case, then the implications of that would be very exciting to me. That would be great. Having said that, I know we don’t tend to follow any story blueprints too closely, because if you do, then you become a foregone conclusion. There may be elements from Born Again, but I’m sure there will be elements that are unfamiliar and surprising and different in order for the show to be compelling to fans who know the comics very well. If we start making Born Again page-for-page, then the people who have read it and loved it — the hardcore fans — they won’t have too much drama.”

Hopefully season 3 will have elements of Born Again, since it’s an important story in Daredevil’s comic history.

Cox addressed when his work for season 3 of Daredevil will begin, and the time frame of its release

“My understanding is we hope to start shooting by the end of this year at some point. Hopefully that means it’s out in 2018, but it’s not confirmed yet.”

Daredevil is definitely the fan favorite character, so hopefully he returns sooner rather than later.

He went on to mention how he had fun with Finn Jones by whispering funny things into his ear to try and mess him up. The upcoming season will also see Matt reacting to Stick’s death, and him acknowledging how important he was to his life.

Cox went to talk about his characters’ special relationship with Elektra, which has been a cause of grief for the character.

“I don’t know. My feeling is that he was deluded in that area. It was clear to everyone else — even Stick (Scott Glenn) — that whoever she may have been in the past, and whatever kind of person she may have been, she’s not just had a change of character, she’s been brought back from the dead and turned into something different.He deludes himself into believing she can somehow be refound, or he can get through to her, and the Elektra he knew and loved would be there again. The way I like to think about the Matt and Elektra relationship is it’s the superhero version of the very toxic love relationship you have in your 20s, where you’re on-again off-again for two years, and you never quite get over that person.”

He went on to praise the showrunners Marco Ramirez and Douglas Petrie for pulling off this show, and the logistics behind it.

“I just had no idea what it was going to be. I had no concept of how these four shows would come together and what it would feel like, and what the tone would feel like. I was very impressed with how they constructed it. It’s a very tough job. What happens in the lives of these characters in The Defenders has to be consistent with the shows that they’re on in that world. I’m guessing, but presumably, everything happening for Jessica Jones season two, Luke Cage season two, Iron Fist season two and Daredevil season three will be post-The Defenders. It has to be. So in order to write The Defenders itself, you have to make sure you’re in the same timeframe for all of those characters. That just sounds to me like such a mind-f***. I don’t know how you do that. “

The Defenders is out now on Netflix.

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