‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Episode 4 Review

The Spoils of War will go down as one of the best episodes of this series. The battle at the end was truly spectacular, and it’s amazing to see this show deliver on such big set pieces. This rivals Battle of the Bastards and all of the other big battles that happened throughout this series. Besides the big scene, the episode was full of a lot of satisfying moments, including some reunions we never thought we’d see. This episode leaked, so a lot of people have most likely seen this episode before Sunday..


Before we talk about what everyone wants to talk about, let’s get everything else out of the way. Spoils of War was the shortest episode of the season, and didn’t feature a lot of locations.

The episodes starts with Jaime’s army regathering and collecting all valuables obtained from taking Highgarden. Bronn, one of my favorites, wants a castle to himself, while Jaime tells him to wait until the war is over. Jaime and Bronn are two characters I enjoy, so it’s conflicting to me to see them oppose the Targaryen side, which is a side most people are cheering for.

Cersei had the most uninteresting part of the episode. All she did was scheme a little bit and that’s pretty much it.

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A girl is no one

Arya finally came back to Winterfell, and it was great to see three Starks together, but the show didn’t really give us a sappy Hallmark moment of all of them hugging and kissing. I mentioned in past reviews how all of these character have been on such different journeys, that when they reunite, it’s a bit anticlimatic. Bran’s become the all knowing Three-eyed raven, and both Sansa and Arya give him a crazy look. Sansa has become a hardened leader, and Arya is pretty much an assassin. These three characters all have different goals in mind, so we’ll see how long this reunion will last.

I hope Jon reunites with Arya, because those two are the Starks that never quite fit in, which made them have a special relationship. Remember when Jon gave Needle to Arya in the first season? Hopefully Arya talks about rhe trouble Needle has caused.

Speaking of Arya, she almost stole the show in this episode. What will probably go down as my favorite Arya moment, is when she sparred with Brienne. The look on Brienne’s face when she realized that Arya was as skilled as she was, was priceless. When Arya finally got the best of Brienne and was then asked where did she learn all of this? When she replied from no one, I clapped. Arya is a definitive badass, and this scene will go down as one of my favorites of the whole show..

In Dragonstone, Daenerys and Jon seem to be getting along more. That scene where they go in to the cave, and see the drawings of the First Men and Children of the Forest was very fascinating. I also liked how the history of Westeros was explained here, with the story of the children partnering with the humans to defeat the White Walkers. When she saw the painting of the White Walkers, she started believing Jon’s story. I like how they are starting to understand each other more, but I hope Dany realizes that Jon doesn’t have to bow to show his loyalty.

When Dany found out that her armies were dwindling, she understandably wasn’t happy. They’ve all underestimated the Lannister army, and even Tyrion couldn’t outsmart some of their maneuvers. She wants to do it the right way, and even asks Jon for advice. to which he states that burning everything in the way will make her no different than the people before her.

Jon finally reunites with Theon, and it certainly was an awkward moment. Theon before his torture was kind of an ass, and when he betrayed Robb in season 2 he made himself even more unlikeable. I like how Jon acknowledged Theon saving Sansa, or else he would’ve killed him right there.

So Dany decides to take matters into her own hands, and use not only her Dothraki army to attack Jaime’s army, but her most valuable dragon Drogon. Jaime’s army prepares for a regular battle, but everything changes when Dany comes riding in on her dragon and burns everything in her path. The image of the Lannister army getting burned and slashed will go down as one of the most unforgettable. Jaime’s face of fear and desperation said it all.

This and Hardhome are definitely the most visually stunning battles that have taken place on this show. We have been waiting since season 1 for the dragons to be used like this. While it was great seeing them burn ships in last year’s finale, there was something even more satisfying about them doing damage in Westeros where the most of the main characters are. While Hardhome felt more like a World War Z zombie invasion, this felt more like the battle in Lord of the Rings: Return of the King¬†with a giant dragon burning everything.

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Their wit and charm can’t defeat a dragon

This battle admittedly had me conflicted, because Jaime and Bronn are two characters I like. At one point I was scared both of them weren’t going to get out of this, but seeing Dany kick ass is so satisfying.

This then leads to the climax which had me on the edge of my seat. Bronn gets on the giant crossbow that can pierce through Dragon scale. Bronn manages to hit Drogon and injure him, but Drogon recovered and destroyed the crossbow. Jaime thought he had a window of opportunity to attack Dany while she was taking the bow out of Drogon, but that clearly wasn’t a good idea. Bronn comes to the rescue and tackles Jaime into the lake right on time, with the final image of the episode of Jaime sinking. At that moment I was scared Jaime was going to die, and I’m happy he got out last minute.

Are Jaime and Bronn alive? Is Dany going to take the remaining Lannister army as prisoner?

Spoils of War was awesome, and it’s one of the reasons why Game of Thrones stands out from the pack. No other show is giving us such satisfying, spectacular set pieces like this. While yes the show has a big budget, the fact that I’m cheering for people on both sides, means that these characters are so three dimensional, it makes it difficult to choose who you want to see win. This episode was better than a lot of movies today. It’s a shame there’s only three episodes left this season, and only six more next year. I don’t know how the next three episodes can outdo this, but I have a feeling they will.


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