‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Finale Review

The Dragon and the Wolf was a great way to end season 7. This season was very fast-paced, and a lot of things may have happened quickly, but I praise the creators for doing so much with the limited amount of episodes they had. I like that the show is doing things on its own terms. This episode had the biggest gathering of characters ever on a show, and there were some game-changing revelations that are finally 100% confirmed.

*****SPOILERS BELOW*******

When Bran and Sam encountered each other within the final minutes of this episode, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I like how both of them put their puzzle pieces together when it came to Jon’s origins. Bran with his visions knows about his parentage, and Sam through Gilly reading a passage knew about his legitimacy.

So it’s finally confirmed that Jon Snow is not Ned Stark’s bastard. He is the son of Rheagar Targaryen (Daenerys’ slain older brother) and Lyanna Stark (Ned’s late sister), with his true name of Aegon Targaryen. Most people have known this for years, and it was so satisfying when the show finally revealed it. He is not a bastard either, because Rheagar got married to Lyanna in secret, so his birth is actually legitimate, which makes him the true heir to the Iron Throne.

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When Daenerys finds out the truth

It’s a shame that Dany and Jon are Aunt and Nephew, and I wonder how they’ll react to that when they find out. When Bran and Sam were explaining, we also see those two making sweet love to each other. Jon and Dany had been undeniably attracted to each other ever since they met, so will being aunt and nephew even stop them?

I overall loved how those scenes were put together and it’s good that the audience finally knows how important Jon is. The series of novels are called A Song of Ice and Fire, and fans have long speculated that it’s titled after Jon Snow (or Aegon), because of his Stark (Ice) and Targaryen (Fire) in him. Jon Snow was a vital character hiding in plain sight as Ned Stark’s bastard, which kept him safe from being murdered during Robert’s Rebellion, where the Targaryen bloodline was almost wiped out except Dany, Viserys, and now Jon (Aegon).

Jon has been the underdog this whole show, and it feels good that he’s finally being given his due. I will never stop calling him Jon by the way.

The rest of the episode was also very good. The big meeting in Kings Landing was great. I loved seeing all of these characters in one place. Everyone seemed to have a nice reunion. I loved seeing Tyrion and Bronn reunite, because those two were a very entertaining duo in the past seasons, and their witty banter was nice.

Brienne and the Hound reuniting was also nice, because those two were trying to kill each other last time. I love how they mutually were on the same page when it came to Arya, as they both were were her protector at some point.

When they finally got to the Dragonpit, it was fun to see Dany’s grand dragon entrance, with the unfazed reaction from Cersei. It was certainly weird to see Dany and Cersei finally meeting for the first time, since they have both been on opposite ends of the world for most of the show. I could certainly feel the tension of all the characters in this room, as all of them have a legit reason to kill each other.

It was such a tease when the Hound and the Mountain were face to face. Everyone wants these characters to fight each other, and hopefully next season brings that.

Of course Cersei didn’t believe Jon’s words about the Night King and his army of the undead, which is why they brought their own Wight. I think everyone thought the Wight was dead at first, but when it came out, the look on everyone’s faces was priceless. It honestly feels great that people finally believe in the true threat, and the genuine look of fear on Cersei’s face was my favorite.

Of course Cersei had to make things difficult and try to make Jon bend the knee to her. It’s not surprising that stubborn Jon made things even more difficult by refusing. This disagreement led to Cersei and her people walking away, which led to my favorite reunion.

Tyrion and Cersei haven’t had a sit down conversation in years, so I was looking forward to their inevitable one on one. This scene was very emotional, and both put everything on the table when it came to how they’re feeling towards one another. These characters have both caused a lot of damage to each other, and Tyrion after everything still loves his family. The only sympathy I feel towards is Cersei is how she lost all her children, but blaming Tyrion for that is cruel. Lena Headey is definitely overdue for an Emmy. Her portrayal as Cersei is perfect, as she has been the ultimate villain.

Apparently Tyrion got through to Cersei and she gave her blessing for her armies to go up north.

Theon has always been a complicated character, because he was a Greyjoy raised by the Starks, who was always confused about his identity. He has done some horrible things, but I believe he can redeem himself. The conversation between him and Jon was great, because Theon finally realizes some of the horrible things he has done, and confessed how he always looked up to Jon. Jon encouraged him to finally stand up and rescue his sister Yara. When he fought his group leader, it was admittedly hilarious to see him getting kicked in that area, with no reaction, because of it already being cut off. It feels good to see him stand up for himself, and now he’s off to rescue his sister.

I was glad to see Littlefinger go finally. He had caused a lot of damage in Westeros through his manipulation and betrayal, but there was no purpose for his character anymore. I loved how it seemed like Sansa was accusing Arya of all these crimes, and then she quickly said Lord Baelish. Seeing him beg for mercy was funny, and I loved that Arya was the one to slit his throat. It’s good that Bran with his visions helped out the sisters, because it just would’ve been unbelievable if he let Arya get murdered and didn’t intervene. I’m glad to see the Stark sisters on the same page finally, and I can not wait for Jon and Arya to reunite.

I’m so glad Jaime finally left Cersei. Their relationship has been strained lately, and I’m happy to see Cersei having no more control over Jaime. Of course Cersei was lying about the truce, she truly is somebody who is far gone. This was a very intense scene, and I thought that she was going to have the Mountain fight Jaime. This would’ve been amazing, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. Hopefully Jaime and Brienne end up together, but I don’t think Tormund will be happy about that.

Winter is here folks. I loved seeing snow falling in Kings Landing, as that place usually has tropical weather. The last scene dealt with Beric and Tormund looking over Eastwatch. The undead army had arrived to their shock, with the Night King riding on his zombie dragon. The Ice Dragon (or zombie dragon) tore down the wall with his blue flames and now the White Walkers are marching towards Westeros. This was a great scene to end off on, because this is what the show has leading towards, and I can’t wait so see what comes next.


The Dragon and The Wolf was a great way to end this overall great season. Though the episode was predictable, I’m glad to see this show finally coming full circle. It certainly feels like the end is near, and the urgency can overall be felt. I’m glad we know Jon’s true origins and the name he was given at birth. I really hope we don’t have to until 2019, because season 8 starts filming this October, and HBO will give them the time they need to finish. The only reason I won’t give this a perfect score, is because part of me wanted some surprises, but that is a small complaint.


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