‘Joker And Harley Quinn’: Everything You Need Yo Know

It looks like DC is going all in for Joker and Harley Quinn, with Crazy, Stupid, Love directors Glen FIcarra and John Requa in final negotiations to write and direct this upcoming film. The film will star Jared Leto and Margot Robbie as the titular characters.

This news comes after it was announced that a solo Joker origin film, that has nothing do with the current DCEU will have a new younger actor. So Warner Bros. and DC are developing two movies that are totally focused on the Joker.

This film is being described as a criminal love story that could be like Bonnie and Clyde or Natural Born Killers.

Suicide Squad 2 is also currently in development, with these two scheduled to appear in that. It has also been reported that the Skwad sequel is being fast tracked, so it can come out sooner rather than later.

Gotham City Sirens with Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy. will also have a Joker appearance. It looks like that film won’t be out for awhile since these two other films are being prioritized.

A lot of fans aren’t happy about how the DCEU maybe focusing on too much Joker and Harley Quinn. The fact that there is no news regarding Flash or Green Lantern Corps has made a lot of fans question the priorities of the DCEU.

All of these films are in development and there is no solid release date for any film outside of Aquaman and Wonder Woman 2. So Warner Bros and DC are most likely testing, and that all fans should just wait and see.

Source: THR