Hasbro Unveils Hascon Exclusive Marvel Legends X-Force Suited Deadpool

It seems like Deadpool action figures for some time  were far and few between, but now they keep getting cranked out. The latest Merc with a Mouth came to us in the Juggernaut Build-A-Figure wave and collectors couldn’t get enough of it. Now, since Hascon 2017 is coming up, Hasbro has released images of their newest Deadpool sporting his X-Force uniform.

For the most part, this just looks like a repaint of the original-suited Deadpool. Along with it we get some familiar accessories including an alternate head, a taco, repainted weapons that came with the previous Neighborhood Pool Guy, as well as a couple of repainted handguns from the A.I.M. soldiers back in the Winter Soldier wave. There is an existing X-Force suited Deadpool from a few years back so perhaps for people who already have that one, this isn’t a must-get. However, for those who are in need of a Deadpool in this outfit, this guy would be the way to go (as long as you can get your hands on him).

What do you guys think? Are you going to Hascon this year? Will you be picking this guy up? Let us know  in the comments as well as on our Twitter and Instagram!

Source: Action Figure Insider